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The Chief-Leader Judge: Emails Hint At False Testimony In ‘Whistleblower’ Firing by RICHARD STEIER

Judge: Emails Hint At False Testimony In ‘Whistleblower’ Firing

A Federal Judge in Manhattan stated in a recent ruling that an email exchange between de Blasio administration officials indicated that Commissioner of Administrative Services Lisette Camillo falsely claimed that a fired whistleblower was terminated based on performance after her superiors ordered her to deny it had anything to do with his testimony to Federal prosecutors.

On March 13, 2017, less than three weeks after former Deputy Commissioner Ricardo Morales was fired, Ms. Camilo told a City Council hearing that his discharge had “nothing to do with Rivington,” referring to a longtime hospice for AIDS patients known as Rivington House that the previous year had been “flipped” at a $72-million profit to a developer after city officials revoked two deeds.

Lifting restrictions contained in those documents allowed the site to be used for purposes other than health care.