New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

PIX11 Cyclists celebrate 2nd Avenue bike lane by BY ALICIA NIEVES

Cyclists celebrate 2nd Avenue bike lane

Bike lane advocates and local leaders gathered along 59th Street and 2nd Avenue Friday afternoon for a ribbon cutting and celebration.

The Department of Transportation has added a new protected bike lane along a new stretch of second avenue. That includes a lane by the entrance of the Queensboro bridge.

“Right around this bridge are some of the most dangerous intersections in my district. It is the place most of my residents are likely to be injured even killed,” said New York City Council Member Ben Kallos.

Over the years there have several bicyclist killed in and around this intersection — of 59th and Second Avenue.

The newly added bike lane not only makes 59th and Second Avenue safer, but it closes the gap between 59th Street and 69th Street along Second Avenue. So, now there is an uninterrupted dedicated bike lane from 125th Street to 43rd Street.

“I used to bike to this area and feared for my life every day,” said Cyclist Eliza Giles, “But now with these two stop I’ve been wanting to think the person who did this and now I can I’m really appreciative.”

While bicyclist feel safer in this section of the city now, there is still work to be done.

So far, 19 bicyclist have been killed this year in and around New York City.

“This is the moment where we shall take pictures, we should celebrate, but now we all have to go back and get to work because the city is still not safe for many people who take bikes around it,” said NYC Council Member Keith Powers.

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