New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Twice-a-Day Trash Pickup for East 86th Street Commercial Corridor Announced by Sanitation Commissioner Garcia and Council Member Kallos to Address Overflowing Cans

New York, NY — Overflowing trash cans that have led to trash on the sidewalk along the East 86th Street commercial corridor will be addressed with an increase in city trash can pick up from once to twice day as ordered by Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia upon the request of Council Member Ben Kallos. "The Department of Sanitation is constantly looking to improve the effectiveness of our cleaning programs," said Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia. "I am confident that increased litter basket service will help improve cleanliness and quality of life along this increasingly vibrant commercial district. I thank Council Member Kallos for his partnership on this issue." 

"We are cleaning up East 86th Street with twice a day pickup to eliminate overflowing trash cans that lead to trash all over the sidewalk,” said Council Member Ben Kallos, who represents much of East 86th Street. “Thank you to Commissioner Garcia for adding this daily pick up upon my request and to the community leaders and members who have worked with us with persistence over the past two years to make this a reality.”

Council Member Ben Kallos made the request for twice a day pickup to Commissioner Garcia at a March 2016 preliminary budget hearing where he emphasized the amount of pictures and complaints received by his office on the amount of trash on East 86th Street.
 East 86th Street is an intersection for commuters who ride the 4, 5, 6 trains and residents who take the M86 Select Bus Service. East 86th street and Lexington saw over 20.7 million riders in 2014, listing it among the top ten most heavily trafficked stations in New York City. Due to the amount of pedestrian traffic and proximity to local businesses a good majority of which are restaurants and big box stores it is no surprise that this area often suffers from overflowing trash containers as well as garbage in the street. This is a problem that has been very well documented with residents often turning to social media to air out complaints and by local papers like DNAinfo.

Although the Department of Sanitation’s increased services to the area will go a long way in keeping East 86th Street clean, work is also underway the local Council Members, as well as  businesses and property owners to organize a business improvement district (BID) to provide even cleaner and more presentable streets, as well as homeless outreach, landscaping, and business services, by joining efforts and funds to improve the neighborhood.
 “For years, the overflowing trash cans and litter along East 86th Street have negatively affected the quality of life for residents of the Upper East Side. The increased trash pickup is an encouraging step that reflects the ability of our city to meet the needs of our community,” said Assembly Member Dan Quart. "I am pleased that the Department of Sanitation has taken actions to provide much needed services along 86th Street and I thank Council Member Ben Kallos for working on this very important issue. As per department's new assessment, the additional services will now include a minimum of two basket collections per day between Lexington Avenue and First Avenue. This is a step in the right direction that will bring about improved life quality to both residents and the merchants on the commercial corridor. I extend my arm in the mission to help store owners be more responsible and to maintaining the necessary sanitation services that our community has been calling for," said Assembly Member Rebecca A. Seawright.

“We are thrilled that Council Member Kallos worked with Commissioner Garcia to increase trash pickup for East 86th Street as it is much needed in this highly populated neighborhood,” said Nancy Ploeger, honorary board member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

"The East 86th Street Association appreciates  the efforts of Council Member Kallos and DSNY  to improve sanitation conditions on busy East 86th Street," said Susan Gottridge, Vice President of the 86th Street Association,  “Carnegie Hill Neighbors welcomes this increased attention to sanitation in the busiest area of our neighborhood,” said Barbara Coffey, Board Member, Carnegie Hill Neighbors. "Thank you, Council Member Ben Kallos for addressing this community issue." “Council Member Kallos has made safety and quality of life on the Upper East Side his top priority, even in the face of enormous challenges like the construction of the Second Avenue subway. The new, increased pickups by the Department of Sanitation are another example of the commitment he's shown since the day he took office.We are incredibly proud to be a part of his vision for a cleaner, safer Upper East Side and the 'men in blue' of Ready, Willing & Able feel so fortunate to take their first steps towards better lives here, in the neighborhood The Doe Fund has called home for over 25 years," said George T. McDonald, Founder and President, The Doe Fund.

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