New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos
City Council passes bill allowing New Yorkers to register to vote online

New Yorkers will soon be able to register to vote online after the City Council passed legislation to allow it Thursday.

The city Campaign Finance Board will set up a website and create an app to allow would-be voters to register.

“It seems like every election in New York City, it’s a new low for voter turnout,” said Councilman Ben Kallos (D-Manhattan), noting the dismal turnout in last week’s mayoral election.

The city will also make its program available to other apps, who could offer up voter registration themselves.

“Facebook could register people to vote,” Kallos said.

The legislation, which Mayor de Blasio is expected to sign, will create an indirect system to get around issues at the Board of Elections, where commissioners have not signed off on online registration. Instead, CFB will let people register online, then print out paper forms for them and deliver them to the elections board.

Right now, only the state Department of Motor Vehicles can sign up voters electronically, a process that requires additional identification and is off limits to those without DMV accounts.


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