New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos Community Engagement Begins for 86th Street Area BID Formation by Jessica Soultanian-Braunstein

Community Engagement Begins for 86th Street Area BID Formation

The proposed Business Improvement District would be the 73rd BID established in New York City.  On November 6, 2015, City Council member Ben Kallos issued a press release regarding the launch of a push to create a Business Improvement District on East 86th Street in Manhattan.  The press release notes that a “District Needs Survey” was mailed out to community businesses, residents, and property owners last week.

The formation of the 86th Street Area BID seeks to address community concerns over the deteriorating quality of life experienced at the “neighborhood’s central commerce corridor,” which is a transportation hub subject to a high volume of foot traffic from patrons of the M86 Select Bus Service line and the four, five, and six subway trains.  The BID has already received support from the Manhattan Chamber of CommerceCarnegie Hill Neighbors, State Senator Liz Krueger, Assembly Members Rebecca Seawright and Dan Quart, and local property owners and organizations.

BIDs are non-profit partnerships between the public and private sector, authorized by State legislation in 1976, which address specific community needs within a defined locale by providing supplemental programs and services to those already provided by the City.  Residential and commercial property owners fund the development and maintenance of the BID services and programs that benefit them individually by paying an annual property assessment akin to an additional property tax.  The broad range of services provided by BIDs include additional maintenance of streets, sidewalks, and parks, fundraising programs for community services, and public improvements, such as upgraded streetlights, garbage receptacles, and street signs.

“This community has faced a long-standing problem with conditions on and around 86th Street. This corridor’s needs are too great for band-aids or one-off fixes. A BID will provide the supplementary support this neighborhood needs and is long overdue,” said Council member Kallos.

The 86th Street Area BID is presently in the planning phase, which is the first tier of the three-tiered BID-creation process, and will next move onto the outreach phase.  The BID will conclude its creation process after succeeding through the legislative authorization phase, which involves public review and approval from the community boards, borough boards, City Planning Commission, and City Council.

Local community members affected by the 86th Street Area BID are encouraged to respond to the District Needs Survey by November 20, 2015.  More information on the 86th Street Area BID and the BID survey can be found here.  The Department of Small Business Services has provided information on BIDs in general and the process of forming and managing BIDs here.


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