New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

CBS New York Councilman: Accidents Are Proof New York Needs Tougher Scaffolding Laws by Mike Smeltz

Councilman: Accidents Are Proof New York Needs Tougher Scaffolding Laws

One lawmaker said it's just proof that tougher regulations need to be put in place.

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Bricks from a 20 story building on the Upper East Side crashed through scaffolding Friday, injuring a 72-year-old man.

"Scaffolding is supposed to be there to protect us from falling debris, now it's actually not stopping items from hitting people," Councilman Ben Kallos said.

Kallos started battling for tougher scaffolding rules after November's accident in SoHo, when a so-called sidewalk shed colapsed, hurting nearly half-a-dozen people.

Kallos said his bill is running into some walls of its own.

"Our legislation to reform scaffolding and to actually get it down in a timely manner is facing heavy opposition from the real estate industry, which means in the city council we're facing tough opposition and not much support," he siad.

Kallos said if it feels like scaffolding hangs around New York City buildings forever, there's a reason.

"Far too many landlords are just leaving the scaffolding up for yeas, decades. Some of it's even old enough to vote at this point, and it's just cheaper to leave the scaffolding there than to fix the underlying problems," he said.

Right now, there are more than 8,000 sheds in the five boroughs.



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