New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Petition for Accessible Subways (East 86th Street & Lexington Station)

The Lexington Avenue East 86th Street Subway Station is the tenth busiest in New York City serving more than 20 million riders each year but remains inaccessible to the disabled and residents who have difficulty with steps.

A new 210 foot tower has gained permission from the MTA to build over this important station in exchange for providing an elevator that will only serve uptown 6 local service, without going down to the 4 and 5 uptown express service shutting millions of riders out and wasting an opportunity for full uptown accessibility for riders headed north or returning home.

"We demand that the MTA follow the Americans with Disabilities Act and open up our subways to more disabled riders by requiring the developer to extend their elevator to serve local and express uptown service."

Your support and contact information will be shared with the MTA as well as the East 86th Street Merchants and Neighbors Association.

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