New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Resolution 980-2016: Eliminating "Legal Bribery"

Former Speakers used to reward Council Member allies with payments in lieu of compensation, or “lulus,” a practice that the Daily News called “legal bribery.” This resolution bans it from the City Council.

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Preconsidered Res. No.

Resolution to amend rules 2.40 and 7.160 of the rules of the council in relation to allowances, and modifying allowances for officers of the council

By Council Member Kallos

Section 1. Rule 2.40 of the rules of the council of the city of New York is amended to read as follows:

2.40. Personnel and Fiscal Reports - The Speaker shall provide to each member an annual report, which may be included as part of the annual accounting of the Council’s actual expenditures required by this rule, detailing the names of all individuals receiving compensation for work performed for the Council, its members or any of its committees, the amount of such compensation for Central staff only, and a title and job description (including identification of the function or division of the Council to which the individual is assigned). [Each report shall also set forth the amount of allowance in lieu of expenses received by each Committee chairperson.] The Speaker shall publish an annual accounting of the Council's actual expenditures by September 30 of each year, which covers the previous fiscal year, and which is sufficiently detailed to indicate the positions and purposes which have been funded as well as the activities and categories of materials and supplies purchased. Such accountings shall be accompanied by a summary description specifying, at a minimum, the amounts devoted to the following functions and divisions of the Council: the divisions responsible for the budget and fiscal analysis, the Council’s role in the land use process, legislative drafting, and legal services; the Council press office; each committee; the Sergeant at Arms and other security functions; each member’s office; the Speaker’s staff, including all amounts paid to all consultants as well as the functions of such consultants; and any changes in each of these amounts, other than changes in compensation of members of Central staff, from the Council budget adopted for the fiscal year covered by such accounting.

§ 2. Rule 7.160 of the rules of the council of the city of New York is REPEALED.

[7.160. Allowances - Allowances to committee chairpersons and other officers of the Council shall be fixed by resolution, after a hearing, for the particular and additional services and duties of such positions. No member may simultaneously receive more than one chairperson allowance, notwithstanding the fact that he or she may concurrently chair more than one committee or subcommittee. Nothing in this rule shall prohibit additional allowances for other than chairperson positions.]

§ 3. Any portion of a resolution or communication approved by the Council prior to February 1, 2016 setting allowances for any member is REPEALED.

LS 6283/2015

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