Proclamation for Principal Sharon Hill

Ben Kallos, Council Member of the 5th District, is proud to honor Sharon Hill upon her retirement in celebration of her career of outstanding service and extraordinary achievements as Principal of P.S. 290, The Manhattan New School; and

WHEREAS:     Sharon Hill has been an enthusiastic and devoted educator at The Manhattan New School for the past 16 years, including four years as Assistant Principal and the last nine years as their beloved Principal; and

WHEREAS:     Since Ms. Hill was promoted to Principal in 2006, she has continued to cultivate a great environment for both learning and teaching, and forged positive and supportive relationships with community members and other organizations to ensure all students receive the quality education they deserve. Under the passionate leadership, Kindergarten waitlists swelled at The Manhattan New School, leading to the founding of three new elementary schools on the Upper East Side, and therefore expanding the outstanding education system in New York City; and

WHEREAS:     Throughout her tenure, Ms. Hill has served as an excellent example to colleagues, teachers, and administrators alike, inspiring them all with her tireless advocacy for the best interests of the students and  future of The Manhattan New School; and

WHEREAS:     Upon Ms. Hill’s retirement, she can be proud of the tremendous impact she has had for her legacy will continue to resonate not only within the walls of her school, but also within the minds of students, parents, teachers and alumni throughout our City. She has enriched our City with her service and she is worthy of the esteem of all New Yorkers; now, therefore

BE IT KNOWN:     That Ben Kallos, Council Member of the 5th District, gratefully honors

Sharon Hill

for her enduring service and leadership to P.S. 290, The Manhattan New School, and wishes her continued success and happiness throughout her retirement.

Signed this 30th day of June in the year Twenty Fourteen.