Firefighters Recognized by Speaker Mark-Viverito, Council Members Kallos and Crowley for their Life Saving Actions During Deadly Upper East Side 6th Alarm Blaze

FDNY Evacuated Dozens of Residents and Performed Rope Rescue Maneuver to Save 81-Year-Old Resident from Flames
City Hall, New York- Members of the New York City Fire Department were honored this afternoon as City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Council Members Ben Kallos and Elizabeth Crowley presented them with a Proclamation. The firefighters were recognized for their response and heroic actions to the October 27th 6-alarm fire at 324 East 93rd Street. The fire which started in the overnight hours of 3:30am completely destroyed the apartment building it originated in.
Fifteen fire companies responded to the fire’s first alarm, three of which were represented at City Hall today: Ladder 26 at East 112th Street and 5th Avenue, Ladder 43 at East 102nd Street and 3rd Avenue, and Rescue 1, housed at West 43rd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Manhattan Borough Command Chief Michael Gala, Lieutenant Ryan MacDougal, and representatives from the Uniformed Fire Officers Association and Uniformed Firefighters Association were also at the ceremonial at City Hall.
“These firefighters don’t know each other. They all work at different locations.  But they all had one mission, to save people, and that’s what they came together to do as a team,” said Council Member Ben Kallos, who represents the district where the fire occurred. “They saved the life of Jimmy Duffy, and as he calls it the Miracle on 93rd Street had occurred.”
“This is another example of the heroism and courageousness of all of our New York City firefighters. When others run away from danger, they run right towards it, for the sake of all New Yorkers. Our first responders deserve our deepest gratitude today and every day, and I thank Council Member Kallos for recognizing this and presenting today’s Proclamation,” said Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, Chair of the Fire and Criminal Justice Services Committee.
When New York City firefighters arrived at the scene of the fire they evacuated dozens of people who were still in the structure to safety. The 250 firefighters were in the middle of battling the flames when they encountered an elderly man trapped in the 5 floor. With no easy way to get to the man other than a window due to the heavy smoke and powerful flames; members of the Rescue 1 Unit were forced to perform a last resort “Rope Rescue” maneuver that has not been used in New York City for at least five years. The maneuver, although part of their training is hardly ever put into action because of how precarious it is.
Members of Ladder 13 set up what ended up being the life-saving rope-rescue. Firefighter Jimmy Lee was then lowered from the roof of the building. He grabbed 81-year-old Jimmy Duffy from the window and while flames and thick black smoke poured out of the windows lowered themselves to the ground just before the rope the used caught fire and snapped. Six hours later, eight firefighters and five residents including 81 year-old Jimmy Duffy who was rescued by the rope maneuver were injured . Twenty-five-year-old Lemmy Thuku who lived in the third floor was killed. The 100-year-old apartment building was completely destroyed leaving dozens of people displaced.
If not for the heroic actions and incredible training and team work from the various engines and ladders this fire would have resulted in further loss of life.
The proclamation reads as follows:
 The Council of the City of New York is proud to honor the valiant FDNY firefighters who battled a Yorkville blaze on October 27th, 2016; and
                 WHEREAS:     The FDNY is the largest Fire Department in the nation and universally recognized as the world’s busiest and most highly skilled emergency response agency. Each year, the FDNY not only responds to more than a million emergencies every year, and it is a privilege to honor these heroes and heroines for one of those emergencies on this occasion; and
                 WHEREAS:     Around 3:30 a.m. on October 27th, 2016, a fire broke out on the ground floor of 324 East 93rd Street, worked way up the building’s five floors and erupted into a massive six-alarm blaze. Fortunately, working smoke alarms and detectors alerted people in the unit where the fire started, but as the fire quickly climbed up from the first floor, it trapped other residents trying to flee. The blaze soon spread to the two adjacent buildings; and
                 WHEREAS:     Over the course of the next six hours, 250 courageous men and women from Engine 53, Engine 91, Engine 58, Engine 76, Engine 44, Ladder 43, Ladder 26, Ladder 22, Ladder 16, Ladder 13, Battalion 11, Battalion 10, Squad 41, Rescue Squad 01, Division Command 03 worked tirelessly to tame the blaze while also running into the burning building to save lives. With flames shooting out from the building’s windows, firefighters worked diligently to rescue everyone and keep each other safe throughout the effort; and
                 WHEREAS:     In one courageous rescue, firefighters needed to save an 81-year old man from the top floor of the building by lowering him down on a rope. This lifeline was set ablaze and obliterated just moments after the elderly resident reached the ground. The heroic firefighters who participated in that rescue included: Jimmy Lee, Andy Hawkins, Joseph Moore, Francis Rush, Stephen Janicki, Walter Gilroy, William McGarry, and Peter McMahon; and
                 WHEREAS:     Throughout the harrowing night, all 250 firefighters worked together to extinguish the fire, save lives and secure the scene. While the conflagration resulted in the death of one resident, injuries suffered by five civilians and 11 heroic firefighters, and the complete destruction the five-story building, the toll would have been extremely worse without the courage and skills of “New York’s Bravest.” The men and women of the FDNY have truly distinguished themselves in their service to our City and have earned the gratitude of all New Yorkers; now, therefore
 BE IT KNOWN:   That the Council of the City of New York gratefully honors
The FDNY’s Engine 53, Engine 91, Engine 58,
Engine 76, Engine 44, Ladder 43,
Ladder 26, Ladder 22, Ladder 16, Ladder 13,
Battalion 11, Battalion 10,
Squad 41, Rescue Squad 01, and Division Command 03
 for their extraordinary heroism in Yorkville on October 27th, 2016.