Council Member Ben Kallos Applauds End to Propose Uber Moratorium

Council Member Ben Kallos Applauds End to Proposed Uber Moratorium
 New York, NY—  Following the news that the city will drop the proposed Uber moratorium, Council Member Ben Kallos, a software developer, released the following statement:

"New Yorkers can rest assured that they can hail a car to get where they are going, whether by app, by phone, or by hand. Thank you to Mayor de Blasio for listening to New Yorkers and Council Members who expressed strong concerns about the negative effects of an Uber moratorium on business, innovation and transportation. I look forward to seeing the results of a traffic study. I also hope that bills introduced last year, including protecting consumers from excessive surge pricing, protecting livery bases and drivers, and promoting competition by opening e-hail to all medallions can move forward."  ###



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