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BID Proposed for 86th Street
In Brief Section

A major push for a Business Improvement District on East 86thStreet and the surrounding areas launched this week, with a “District Needs Survey” sent to local property owners and residents.

The BID comes in response to heavy concern from the community over the state of the neighborhood’s central commerce corridor, and would provide funds to supplement services based on the results of the survey. Such services could include sidewalk sweeping, trash pickup, Big Belly solar compactor maintenance, rodent control, public safety and small business support.

The District Needs Survey, which can be completed at BenKallos.com/BIDSurvey and was mailed this week to businesses, property owners, and residents, is the first announcement to the neighborhood of this effort. Community stakeholders have a voice through the survey to identify the area’s needs and issues they would like to see addressed.

 The BID would require final approval from the City Council, and both local council members, Ben Kallos and Dan Garodnick, are actively supporting the plan.

Susan Gottridge, Vice President for Streetscape of the East 86th Street Association, currently serves as the interim chair of the BID Steering Committee. “The East 86th Street area is rife with overflowing trash cans, street vendors ignoring the rules and other quality of life issues,” said Susan Gottridge. “BIDs have solved these same issues in other areas of The City – the time is right for our area to create a BID.”

The BID also has the support of local property owners, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Carnegie Hill Neighbors, State Senator Liz Krueger, and Assembly Members Rebecca Seawright and Dan Quart.

There are currently 72 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) throughout New York City that have turned neighborhoods around from Flushing to Times Square.