New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Resolution 184-2014: Open Legislation

Resolution to Amend the Rules of the Council in relation to improving the responsiveness, transparency, fairness, and inclusiveness of the City Council.

Legislation Status
Date of Introduction
Legislative Text

5.110. Legislative Tracking - The Office of the Speaker shall make available on the internet for use by the public a legislative tracking database containing the number, text, sponsorship and status of all proposed local laws and resolutions, committee reports, agendas, calendar, hearing testimony, transcripts, videos, committee assignments, [and] voting records of members and other associated materials in the public record that can practicably be made available. All proposed local laws and resolutions in the public record as well as any information associated with each proposed local law or resolution available through the database will be provided to the general public in a machine-readable format at no cost and without restriction as soon as practicable, in order to facilitate public engagement with the Council through the use of third-party software.

6.60. Legislative Drafting Services - 
a. The Speaker shall ensure that the Council central staff provides legislative drafting services to all members on an equitable and confidential basis. Confidentiality precludes Council central staff from refusing to provide legislative drafting services to any member on the basis that similar legislation is currently being drafted.
b. Some or all of such drafting services shall be provided by a dedicated drafting unit within Council central staff, the primary function of which is the drafting of legislation.
c. Members shall have access to a tracking database that identifies the staff member to whom each of their requests has been assigned, and which provides the status of each such request.
d. Members shall submit all proposed local laws and resolutions and proposals for laws and resolutions to [such unit] the legislative division prior to introduction; provided that any proposed local law or resolution submitted by any member to the Speaker's office in conformance with the rules of this chapter shall be deemed to have been approved by the legislative [drafting unit] division.
e. Central staff, to the extent practicable, shall respond to requests for legislation in the order in which they were received, providing a draft of the proposal to the requesting Member within sixty days of the date of [making] such request.
f. Upon request, a member may view any legal memorandum drafted by staff of the legislative division regarding a request such member has made for legislation.
g. Members may request amendments to legislation for which they are the first-named prime sponsor at any time prior to such legislation receiving any committee vote. Once finalized for consideration, such amended legislation shall be posted to the Council's website.

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