Saving the Environment One Bag at a Time

We are giving away free reusable bags at events throughout the district as we prepare for the single-use bag reduction law. Contact our office to see when you can get yours now.

In May 2016, as the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) reported, I voted in favor of the Single-Use Bag Reduction, which passed the Council and has been signed into law. The law will not be enforced until 2017, giving New Yorkers and grocery stores time to get in the habit of saving the planet one bag at a time.

Since I signed on as an early cosponsor of the bill, we have been working to prepare the Upper East Side for this change. My office held many events over the past year where we gave away over 600 free, reuseable bags courtesy of the Citizen’s Committee for New York City. In 2016, we hosted an Earth Day kick-off event where we gave away the bags as well as important information on recycling and other ways to reduce our impact on the environment. 

I supported the move to reusable bags because New York has a responsibility to not only do its part, but to lead in reducing our impact on global climate change. Reducing the amount of plastic we put into the waste stream is a significant way to do that. On a more local level, New York City creates far too much trash, and that is directly impacting the Upper East Side. In addition to the unsightly plastic bags stuck in trees or floating down the street, they are also contributing to the landfill waste that would be sent to the proposed Marine Transfer Station, which I continue to oppose. Currently, plastic bags account for 7,500 garbage truck trips every year. As we consider the threat of garbage trucks driving through densely populated areas of the Upper East Side, we need to do everything we can to reduce the need for trucks and achieve the goal of Zero Waste, for a more sustainable and greener city.

If you are interested in bringing electronics recycling, textile recycling, or composting to your building, please let me know.