The Recent Report of the Department of Investigations on the Board of Elections

Friday, February 28, 2014 - 1:00pm - 6:00pm


Council Committee Room
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
United States
Phone: 2128601950

You are cordially invited to join us for a hearing of the Committee on Governmental Operations at City Hall on Friday, February 28, 2014 at 1:00PM on the recent report from the Department of Investigation (DOI) concerning the New York City Board of Elections (NYC BOE).

On December 30, 2013 (DOI) released a 70 page report by its BOE Inspector General’s Unit formed in June 2013, available at: The result of a six month investigation into the operations of the NYC BOE, the report included a comprehensive list of reforms the agency encouraged the board to adopt for future elections. As the NYC BOE plays a critical role in our city’s elections and we depend on them to ensure a fair democratic process that does not discourage voter participation, the report is one which deserves the attention of the City Council.

We invite you to participate by providing two-minutes of oral testimony along with twenty (20) double-sided copies of your written testimony of any length.  Please let us know if you will be joining us by electronic mail toRSVPatBenKallos [dot] com or calling 212-860-1950.

We look forward to your participation and your insights into how the City and NYC BOE can improve our electoral process for a better democracy.

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