New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos


LaborPress Thanking All Of New York City’s Workers For Their Sacrifices During COVID-19 Outbreak by Ben Kallos

Thanking All Of New York City’s Workers For Their Sacrifices During COVID-19 Outbreak

New York is currently facing a pandemic that is challenging many of the systems we take for granted. Millions of us must now work, learn, and live — exclusively at home. We are able to do this because of the countless heroes who are keeping this City’s essential infrastructure running.

While many of us are safe in our homes, there are workers, some making as little as $15 an hour some without benefits, who are putting their health and their families’ health at risk to keep New York City safe. These workers, who do so much, also receive little recognition for their efforts, as much of their work is done out of sight. Maintenance workers, cleaners, transit workers, healthcare workers, grocers, all have been affected by this pandemic in unseen ways. Join us in showing our appreciation. Ask yourself these questions:

LaborPress Union & Nonunion Workers United Against ‘Open Shop’ Abuses by Naeisha Rose

Union & Nonunion Workers United Against ‘Open Shop’ Abuses

Councilman Ben Kallos spent his 39th birthday Feb. 5th rallying with construction workers. 

“All we ask New Line, one of the five or six members of this association, is to pay back the wages,” said Kallos. 

NYCA consists of eight members, according to the group’s website. They include New Line Structures, Leeding Builders Group, L&M Builders Group, Lettire Construction Corp., Ryder Construction, Triton Construction Company, Noble Construction Group and Hudson Meridian Construction. 

“We called their number, and they asked if they were expecting us,” said Kallos. “Hell yeah they are expecting us!”

According to Kallos, he attempted to contact NYCA, but apparently reached “a front” instead.

“Some company called The Berman group in Suite 1920 said we don’t know what NYCA is; we don’t know why they have us in their address or why our number is there; but no, we won’t take the letter from one of your workers who experienced wage theft,” Kallos explained before adding, “I will be here day in and day out until we get everybody paid back!”