New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Supportive Housing for Women and Children Welcomed on the Upper East Side

New York, NY – Supportive housing for seventeen women and children is being welcomed on the Upper East Side at 316 East 91st Street by every local elected official, Community Board 8, faith and non-profit leaders, as well as principals, parents, and children who attend schools across the street from the proposed site.
Win, led by former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, will lease 17 two-bedroom apartments to be built by RiverOak and Azimuth Development in a seven-story building at 316 East 91st Street. The site will also contain a Sunshine Early Learning Center for children and housing and support for homeless women and their children.
22,973 children and 17,548 parents make up more than two-thirds of New York City’s homeless population which has reached crisis levels. In response Council Members Ben Kallos and Dan Garodnick, Senator Liz Krueger and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer launched the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services (ETHOS) to connect city agencies with non-profits and faith-based institutions providing direct services to the homeless and to build new supportive housing on the Upper East Side.
“You can’t solve the homeless crisis without providing the transitional services and supports necessary to keep people leaving shelter, out of shelter. Moms and their kids still need our help once they walk out of the shelter doors and permanent supportive housing provides the kind of wraparound services that will help them gain greater skills, more independence, and keep them from sliding back from their gains,” said Christine Quinn, President and CEO of Win. “The support and work of city officials like Councilman Ben Kallos should be an example to everyone. Homelessness isn’t someone else’s problem, it’s all of ours —and we need all hands on deck to help solve it."
“Supportive housing is a proven, cost-effective approach to provide permanent housing for New Yorkers in need because it reduces reliance on homeless shelters, hospitals, and other City resources,” said Department of Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks. “These seventeen units will assist women and their children on their path to wellness and stability by providing not only housing but the additional services they need to overcome their challenges. We are committed to continue working closely with organizations like Win, local elected officials and City residents to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help New Yorkers in need.”  
“Our city’s homeless women and children need supportive housing that can help them succeed, and that’s what they are getting from Win. New York City needs more supportive housing in every neighborhood to get more than forty thousand parents and children out of shelters and into permanent housing,” said Council Member Ben Kallos, Co-Founder of the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services (ETHOS). “‘Give me your tired, your poor … Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,’ you are welcomed here on the Upper East Side where we will feed you, clothe you, and build you supportive housing. Thank you to Win for bringing more supportive housing to the Upper East Side, Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services members for their leadership, fellow elected officials, Community Board 8 Manhattan, and to our principals, parents who are teaching us how important it is to welcome and support homeless individuals.”
"Quality supportive housing is one of the most effective ways to help people climb out of homelessness and get back on their feet, and Win has a long track record of success in providing these important programs. So I’m proud to join my colleagues and community members in welcoming WIN and the families they work with to the Upper East Side. I look forward to doing everything I can to ensure this new site is a success." said Senator Liz Krueger, Co-Founder of the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services (ETHOS).
“It’s inspiring when community members take it upon themselves to help solve our city’s homelessness and affordable housing crises,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Co-Founder of the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services (ETHOS). “Congratulations to the East Side Task Force for Homeless Outreach and Services. By working proactively to bring WIN and these new supportive housing units to the Upper East Side, ETHOS has set a great example.”
“Ensuring that our most vulnerable New Yorkers—women and children—receive the supportive housing they need to succeed should be our utmost concern,” said Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney. “A shelter is no place for a child to grow up, and we need more housing in every neighborhood so that the more than forty thousand parents and children who are without permanent housing can be helped into a home. I am proud that the Upper East Side community has opened its arms to welcome these 17 women and children to a new home. I want to thank Christine Quinn and Win, RiverOak, Azimuth, the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services members, Community Board 8, and my fellow elected officials for making this project a reality.”
“I commend Christine Quinn and “Win, as well as Council Member Ben Kallos for the 17 new affordable apartments in our community for women and children. Affordable housing remains a number one concern for my constituents. With 150,000 children experiencing homelessness and 80,000 households on the brink of homelessness in New York State, we need to encourage and support affordable housing initiatives. We must ensure that families have the critical resources they need, such as housing that offers security and stability,” said Assembly Member Rebecca A. Seawright.
“I welcome Cristine Quinn and the WIN organization to the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  I first met Chris Quinn in 2005, 12 years ago.  I have always been impressed with her integrity, sincerity, and ability to find solutions to today's problems.  She is the ultimate servant of the city. The WIN clients from the minute they wake up are mothers, and from the minute they wake up are the sole care givers for their children. The WIN organization, as a not for profit, has partnered with for-profit companies Fresh Direst, Whole Foods and Gourmet Garage to train and then eventually employ WIN clients in the culinary field.  The food business is now one of the large employers in the City.  Partnering with these companies is one of the winning recipes for the success of this organization. That's why I support the WIN program and I can't wait for this building behind me to be built. Thank you Chis Quinn and the WIN organization for coming to our neighborhood," said James G. Clynes, Chairman of Manhattan Community Board 8.  
"As the principal of East Side Middle School, I am delighted to welcome our new neighbors to 91st street. I know our school community will be eager to partner with WIN and the Sunshine Learning Center in any way possible. This is a great opportunity for all of us,” said East Side Middle School Principal David Getz".
“Our city is dealing with a homeless crisis. We, as students and community members believe that the Win  Supportive Housing Project would help alleviate that crisis. According to the Women In Need website, ‘70% of homeless New Yorkers are families with children.’ By having the supportive housing project, homeless children, which make up nearly 40% of the people in shelters will begin to have a sense of solidity. A problem for homeless mothers with school-age children is that there is a long commute from a shelter that the family is staying in for the night to their children’s school. With the new supportive housing project, students will be able to attend nearby schools that offer a great education including East Side Middle School, which is where I am a current 8th grader. We hope to see that innocent children can focus on the most important aspect of their young lives, education. The right school can provide routine, nourishment and the guiding hand of responsible adults. The Upper East Side is a neighborhood that is genial and hospitable. The entire community looks forward to supporting homeless mothers and their children so that their family can flourish in every aspect possible,” said Neil Sarkar East Side Middle School Student and Member of the Manhattan Leadership Council.
“At PS 527- East Side School for Social Action- we pride ourselves on educating students to become leaders of tomorrow.  Our students and families are committed to making our community, city, and world a better place for everyone. To this end, we look forward to welcoming new families into our school community and doing everything possible to help them succeed.  We look forward to working with WIN and the new 91st Street families,” said East Side School for Social Action P.S. 527 Principal Daniel McCormick.
“Having an inclusive society is important. In communities like ours it starts with rebuilding families who need it. My family is encouraged to see the effort and support by Ben Kallos and others to enable this facility to open its doors - to help women and children in need. We are looking forward to having the families be a part of our community,” said Diana Perkins local parent and community member.
“Jesus always stood up for the people who were in need—especially vulnerable women and children. The Church of the Epiphany is so grateful that our neighborhood is going to be home to the WIN supportive housing unit on 91st Street. The presence of WIN’s residents in our neighborhood will make us all a better and stronger community,” said Jennifer Reddall, Rector at Church of the Epiphany, a member of the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services (ETHOS).
“For 123 years, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House has been welcoming and supporting those in need in our community,” said Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Chief Program Officer, Carolyn Silver. “We wholeheartedly welcome the families of WIN who will be moving into supportive housing on the East Side.  As a homeless service provider and a provider of supportive housing, we have seen first-hand the value of integrated supportive services embedded in the community.  We look forward to working with WIN, and with our elected officials and community board, to together address the many needs of the homeless individuals and families who need a home.”
“The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter is delighted to welcome WIN to our neighborhood.  Supportive housing is the best long-term solution we have to chronic homelessness, and WIN is one of our city’s premier providers of supportive housing for women and children. We look forward to joining with the other members of the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless and Outreach Services to embrace the WIN residents as the newest members of our UES community,” said Executive Director Ann ShalofNeighborhood Coalition for Shelter, a member of ETHOS.
"On behalf of New York Common Pantry (NYCP), I’d like to extend congratulations to Christine Quinn and her team from Win on the opening of the new Supportive Housing building for unsheltered mothers and their children. This development comes at a critical time.  Since 2014 the female homeless population receiving services from NYCP’s Project Dignity has increased by 181%, and last year alone NYCP served close to 70,000 prepared meals and provided case management services to over 590 homeless people.  The new WIN site at 91st Street will help reduce the number of people living on the street and in shelters, while creating stability for the next generation of New Yorkers," said Executive Director Stephen Grimaldi, New York Common Pantry a member of ETHOS.
For more than 33 years, Women in Need (Win) has provided safe housing, critical services, and ground-breaking programs to help homeless women and their children rebuild their lives. In the past year, Win served more than 10,000 homeless people — including nearly 6,000 children — and helped more than 800 families transition out of shelter into homes of their own.

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