New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Statement on the Expansion of Retirement Security for All of New York State

Statement on the Expansion of Retirement Security for All of New York State

Council Member Ben Kallos is the author of the Retirement Security for All law covering New York City.

"After more than a decade of fighting for workers to have a right to retire, every worker in New York State will have access to a retirement account. Whether through a plan their employer already offers or when they get automatically enrolled in the Secure Choice plan just signed into law.

"When Governor Cuomo adopted 'Secure Choice' in the 2018 budget, it didn't include auto-enrollment, and it was no surprise that with fierce opposition from an industry filled with his donors, that even years later it was never implemented.

"When we passed my 'Retirement Security for All' law for New York City workers, we included the provision that if the state did the right thing our plan would sunset. After all, this is about helping as many New Yorkers as possible.

"Thank you to Kathy Hochul, it is refreshing to have a Governor who cares more about people than Wall Street. A special thank you to Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez who has been fighting for this program for years.

"The bottom line is this law is going to help lift the next generation of workers and their families out of poverty as they are able to save, and see their savings grow, and one day retire."


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