New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

STATEMENT: Council Member Ben Kallos on Governor Cuomo support for Bus Arm Legislation

STATEMENT: Council Member Ben Kallos on Governor Cuomo support for Bus Arm Legislation

“New York City’s children deserve to be safe when they get on and off their school buses every day. Now that Governor Cuomo has expressed his support for allowing municipalities like New York City to install stop arm cameras on school buses we should jump at the opportunity and pass legislation I am authoring requiring New York City do so.

This legislation would force the Department of Education and the Office of Pupil Transport to install stop arm cameras on city school buses with the capability of issuing electronic fines to drivers who illegally pass school buses while the stop arm is down. There is no question that this dangerous behavior puts the lives of children in peril; we have all seen it done on our roads and now is the time to do whatever we can to teach irresponsible drivers that this behavior will have consequences.”

For more information on the legislation read my recent amNEW YORK op-ed titled “Don't wait for tragedy to approve school bus safety cameras”.

Today's statement from Governor Cuomo on Stop Arm Cameras

"The safety of our children is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring our youngest New Yorkers make it to and from school safely and that motorists who endanger these students are held accountable for their reckless actions. This year I advanced legislation to allow school districts and municipalities to install cameras on school buses.

"I commend the Legislature for reaching an agreement on this critical issue and I look forward to seeing it passed and to signing it into law, making New York one of the first states to use this technology to protect the safety of our school children."

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