New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Firehouse on Upper East Side Gets Over Half a Million Dollars from Council Member Ben Kallos


Windows Weatherization and Modernize Bay Doors Used by Firetrucks to Exit and Enter Firehouse Receive Investment Following Advocacy by FDNY, UFOA and UFA

New York, NY – The Upper East Side’s firehouse just received $525,000 in discretionary funding from Council Member Ben Kallos. The firehouse located at 159 East 85th Street is the only one in the Council Member’s district and home of Engine Company 22, Ladder Tower 13 and Battalion 10. $375,000 will be used to weatherize windows and $150,000 will be used to modernize the fire door.

The Council Member was joined by Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) President Jake Lemonda and his Executive Board, Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) Vice President LeRoy McGinnis and Manhattan Trustee Vincent Speciale, as well as FDNY 3rd Division Deputy Chief Coyne and FDNY Battalion Chief Edward Burgess.

“Our firefighters respond to every 911 call as if our lives depend on it, because they do, and they are always there for us, fighting fires, saving lives, and we must be there for them,” said Council Member Ben Kallos. “When we run from danger our firefighters run to it, they are our bravest, and we must do everything in our power to support them. When my firefighters ask for support through their leaders at the UFOA, UFA and FDNY, it is my turn to answer the call and to put our city’s money where my mouth is giving the money they need.”

“Firemen always have needs when it comes to protection of their health and safety so we appreciate when Council Member like Ben Kallos stand up and assist us. The second pair of boots issue was vital our members returning from serious fires, snow emergencies water rescues, needed a second pair of boots in order to properly do their jobs. Now he has come through again for renovations and assistance to some of the firehouses especially this one. These firehouses were built a long time ago so wear and tear they need upkeep and updating. We appreciate the Councilman supporting this company, said Uniformed Firefighters Association Vice President LeRoy McGinnis.

 “Councilman Kallos recognizes how integral this firehouse is to the constituents of this neighborhood, and the neighborhoods he serves, we are in constant communication with Ben, he gets it he realizes how important the fire department is often times we are asked how can we better serve the neighborhood so he is always on a quest for information trying to provide better services. For his efforts on maintaining this structure, we thank him,” Uniformed Fire Officers Association President Jake Lemonda.

Last year Council Member Kallos supported efforts for New York City Fire Department to receive a $2 million dollars from the City Council so that firefighters could have a second pair of boots to wear for back to back calls. In 2016 Council Member Kallos awarded firefighters a proclamation in recognition of heroism and bravery to Engine 53, Engine 91, Engine 58, Engine 76, Engine 44, Ladder 43, Ladder 26, Ladder 22, Ladder 16, Ladder 13, Battalion 11, Battalion 10, Squad 41, Rescue Squad 01, Deputy Chief 03 of the Fire Department of New York after they responded and heroically rescued residents from a deadly fire using a roof-rope rescue maneuver just one block away from his office on East 93rd Street.

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