New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Council Member Ben Kallos Statement on Long Lines for Election Day (Midterms 2018)

"High turnout may be the new normal, with lines today that rivaled 2008, and it is time for the Board of Elections to make voting easy.

We can start by splitting massive poll sites with more than a dozen election districts. For buildings with more than one hundred units, the Board of Elections should expand its offering of a poll site in your building. As someone who has voted in my own building's lobby, nothing is more convenient or engages more voters. Let's bring this citywide.

With today's election results I hope we can finally implement key election reforms to get rid of lines and make voting easy:

-Automatic and same-day registration,

-Vote by mail with no-fault absentee voting, and

-Early voting.

Just to name a few.

We need to overhaul the Board of Elections so broken by patronage that it can't even run an election with new laws to take the party bosses out of control and hand it over to the voters."

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