New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Politico City working on online voter registration pilot by Miranda Neubauer

City working on online voter registration pilot

One of the bills introduced by Councilman Ben Kallos, the committee chair, would require the Department of Education, which is already under a requirement to provide voter registration information to graduating seniors, to receive such material from the Board of Elections in other languages, based on schools' student population...

Kallos repeatedly pressed Berger on what he said was a lack of response to a school voter registration proposal he and Councilman Daniel Dromm submitted last year. He also pushed for data and metrics on the distribution of voter registration forms in schools.

"We're not going to collect statistics on a non-functional program," Berger said.

Berger also said coding requirements for registration materials in schools would be too burdensome and impractical. While Kallos said that while having coding to obtain valuable reporting data was important, he also acknowledged that with a move toward some kind of online registration, "we'll actually be able to have data on everyone down to the person, so hopefully ... instead of fighting over coding, we can just get everyone registered and pop that information into open data."


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