New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Our Town Kallos Allocates $3M to Renovate Ruppert Park by Jason Cohen

Kallos Allocates $3M to Renovate Ruppert Park

As Council member Ben Kallos has received complaints about outdated equipment at Ruppert Park, he stepped up to the plate and allocated $3 million to give it a much needed facelift.

Ruppert Park, located at Second Ave. between East 90th Street and East 91st Street, was built in 1979, yet it has been nearly 25 years since it was renovated.

“We haven’t done enough for Ruppert Park,” the Council member said. “It’s fallen into disrepair.”

According to Kallos, parents with young children will go to any park on the UES but Ruppert.

In addition to the outdated equipment, trees are overgrown and there are lots of bugs.

Parents have told him they want to see new swings and splash pad, bathrooms and a gate to separate the play area from the rest of the park.

“Off the Horizon”

As Ruppert Park is near the Gillen Brewer School, P.S. 527, which has no gym and P.S. 51, it is imperative that the park is upgraded, Kallos stressed.

“Sadly I think Ruppert has been off the horizon for most people,” he said.

On May 20, the Parks Department was scheduled to hold a scoping session for Ruppert Park where residents will give input on how they want the area redesigned.


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