New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

New York Daily News Manhattan lawmaker wants more thorough data on NYPD arrests by Shant Shahrigian

Manhattan lawmaker wants more thorough data on NYPD arrests

The NYPD should regularly publish statistics that include locations of arrests for all types of crime, says a Manhattan lawmaker, arguing that the numbers will show “overpolicing” in some neighborhoods throughout New York City.

Councilman Ben Kallos plans to introduce a bill requiring the NYPD to include all crimes in its weekly updates of the CompStat website, which currently maps the “seven major” crimes like murder and rape, along with a handful of other types of illegality.

“Whether it is the ongoing war on drugs only happening in certain communities or just other types of overpolicing, it would be helpful for folks to see that on a map and be able to see that happening in real time,” the Upper East Side Democrat told the Daily News on Wednesday.

CompStat was launched in 1994 to help officers take a data-driven approach to law enforcement. Since then, it has undergone several changes, including the addition of shooting stats.

The NYPD was found to disproportionately use “stop-and-frisk” searches on people of color in 2013. Since then, the police have continued to come under criticism for allegedly targeting minorities, with people of color accounting for about four out of five summonses doled out for violating social-distancing rules last spring.

Kallos believes comprehensive data could show other examples of bias in policing.

“It would be helpful to know how our police are spending their time,” he said, emphasizing that his proposal would show “what type of summonses they’re writing, where and when and why.”

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