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New York Daily News Bill would let New Yorkers register to vote online by Erin Durkin

Bill would let New Yorkers register to vote online

New Yorkers would finally be able to register to vote with a click of a mouse under a bill to be introduced in the City Council.

Councilman Ben Kallos (D-Manhattan) will introduce legislation to allow would-be voters to register online.

Currently, the Board of Elections requires paper registration forms to be mailed in the old fashioned way.

“We hope to have a city where everyone who is eligible can vote easily,” Kallos said. “We make it really hard to register, really hard to vote, and we can make it a lot easier.”

Only the state Department of Motor Vehicles can currently sign up voters electronically, a process that requires additional identification and is off limits to those without DMV accounts.

The bill, which will be introduced Wednesday, would require the city Board of Elections to create a secure website to allow voters to register using the same form that is now sent by mail.

“We live in a single click culture where people are used to going online, filling out a form and being done with it,” Kallos said.

New York has been ranked the fourth-worst state in the country for voter registration, with less than two thirds of eligible citizens registered.

States that have moved to online registration have also cut costs - with the price per voter going from 83 cents to 3 cents in Arizona, Kallos said.

If the online voting bill goes through, officials could also look to allow people to register sooner before an election, he said. The current 25 day deadline is in part because registrations take so long to process.

The Board of Elections did not respond to a request for comment.


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