New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Participatory Budgeting Results for 2017

Digital Votes: 1,913
Paper Ballots: 508
Total Votes: 2,421


1P.S. 183 Green Science and STEM Lab Classroom1514$600,000Education
2P.S. 198/77 Playground Renovation1139$500,000Education
3Bus Clocks for Northbound M15 and M31911$350,000Transit
4Irrigate the Esplanade813$1,000,000Parks & Recreation
5P.S. 77 Music Room Renovation645$500,000Education
6Eleanor Roosevelt H.S. Auditorium Renovation629$750,000Education
7Lexington Houses West Playground Renovation584$500,000Housing
8Security Cameras for Holmes Towers515$500,000Housing
9JREC Auditorium Renovation358$750,000Education
10Stanley Isaacs Layered Access265$500,000Housing
11Lexington Houses Layered Access232$500,000Housing