Voting Dates and Locations

Voting Dates and Locations

Each year residents in my district ages 11 or at least in the 6th grade may vote on how to spend one million dollars in the community through Participatory Budgeting. You can see the ballot at, which was decided with the process is run by residents just like you who volunteer as Delegates. Learn more at


Pledge to Vote
Vote Online by Digital Ballot from Saturday through Sunday:

Vote in our District Office, 244 E. 93rd Street:
Monday – Friday, 03/30 - 04/03, 9AM - 5PM

Mobile Voting:

We will also make voting more convenient by bringing the ballots closer to you at mobile voting sites throughout the district with help from this cycle’s budget delegates who will be sponsoring even more vote sites as they continue to shepherd the process. We hope you will consider volunteering or voting at one of these sites:



East 67th Street Farmers Market, Saturday, 03/28/20, 1000-1400 - RSVP
Carl Schurz Park, Sunday, 03/29/20, 1200-1600 - RSVP
Roosevelt Island Farmers Market, Saturday, 04/04/20, 1000-1400 - RSVP
East 82nd Street Greenmarket, Saturday, 04/04/20, 1000-1400 - RSVP
District Office, Sunday, 04/05/20, 1200-1600 - RSVP

Cancelled Due to Coronavirus


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Can I Vote?

Can I Vote? admin Fri, 03/25/2016 - 7:23pm

To vote, you must be at least 11 years old and live within Council District 5.

In order to vote, you'll need documents proving your name, current address and age.

These may include:

  • A document with name and current address from a local, state, or US government agency such as IDNYC, a state driver’s license or non-driver ID, consular ID, passport, EBT card, military ID card
  • Voter registration card
  • Utility, medical, credit card bill with name and current address
  • Current lease
  • Paycheck or paycheck stub from an employer or a W-2 statement
  • Bank statement or bank-issued credit card statement
  • Student ID
  • Employee ID
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or other Immigration Documentation
  • Residency Letter or Identification issued by a homeless shelter, halfway house, etc
  • Passport or other ID issued by a foreign government
  • Social Security Card or Social Security benefit statements or check
  • Employment Authorization Document
  • Medicare or other insurance document with address
  • Tax forms
  • School records (or naming the parents of children attending school and the parents’ address
  • Title to any property (automobiles, house, etc.) with address
  • Birth or marriage certificate
  • Union Membership Card

Individuals who cannot present the above documents should contact their Council Member’s office to discuss how they can participate.

Pledge to Vote

Pledge to Vote admin Fri, 03/07/2014 - 11:19am

Participatory budgeting empowers you to decide how money gets spent in your neighborhood. Whether you’re passionate about green space, improving housing conditions or senior services, participatory budgeting allows you to champion your causes for the good of the community. Other Council Districts have piloted participatory budgeting with resounding success, and now I’m bringing it to our neighborhood. I have set aside a million dollars so you can vote on projects that are important to you.

Petition Signature

Absentee Ballot Request

Absentee Ballot Request

Any resident of Council District 5, 11+ years of age, may vote.
Absentee Ballot Request Deadline: March,19 
Absentee Ballot must be received no later than Sunday, April 1
(Please complete once for each member of your household)

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Digital Voting

Digital Voting

2021 Ballot 


Please vote at

The 2021 voting period begins on Monday, April 5th and ends on Wednesday, April 14th.

Any resident of Council District 5, 11 years old or at least in 6th grade, may vote. Each member of your household may vote once.


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Absentee Ballott 2020

Absentee Ballott 2020 admin Tue, 03/03/2020 - 11:53pm

Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

Vote on how to spend $1 million in the neighborhood
March 28 through April 5 by mail, in person at our District Office,
or online at

Name: ______________________________________________


Email: ______________________________________________

◻ I am 11 years or older and live in Council District 5.


Pick up to 5
◻ $220,000 – Mechanical Cleaner and Plow for Bike Lanes
◻ $90,000 – Composting for Roosevelt Island
◻ $800,000 – Playground Renovation for Lexington Houses
◻ $500,000 – Laptops & STEM for Public Schools
◻ $550,000 – Video Camera and Security System for P.S. 151
◻ $285,000 – NYPD Security Cameras
◻ $225,000 – Trees with Guards
◻ $100,000 – All Gender Bathroom for P.S. 77/198
◻ $500,000 – Ruppert Park Renovation
◻ $186,000 – Fire Battalion Vehicle

Mail to Council Member Ben Kallos at 244 East 93rd Street, New York, NY 10128 by April 1, 2020