New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Adam Warner

1010 WINS NYC's PPE by the numbers: How many masks, gloves, goggles the city has by Adam Warner

NYC's PPE by the numbers: How many masks, gloves, goggles the city has

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A councilman gave an update Thursday on how much personal protective equipment the city has in its 90-day COVID stockpile.

Councilman Ben Kallos tweeted a list of the protective gear announced at a joint hearing, along with the question: “Is this enough for NYC?”

Here’s what the city has in its stockpile, according to Kallos:

• 185 million nitrile gloves

• 54 million 3-ply surgical masks

• 37 million Level 3 isolation gowns

• 13.5 million N95 masks

• 6 million face shields

• 900,000 goggles



Mayor Bill de Blasio announced back in May that the city would create and maintain a 90-day stockpile of PPE “to ensure hospitals citywide are equipped to handle a potential resurgence of COVID-19.”

The mayor made the announcement when the city was struggling to acquire enough PPE to get through a single week. He said the city would gradually add materials to its stockpile once it had a 14-day supply on hand.

“We’ve been to hell and back, beating this virus back inch-by-inch every day,” de Blasio said at the time. “But now is not the time to let our guard down. We are planning for every possible scenario with COVID-19, ensuring our hospitals and frontline heroes will have the reinforcements they need to save lives.”