New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Statement: "Good money after bad on Solid Waste" in response to IBO report

"New York City is on track to make the Marine Transfer Station at East 91st Street obsolete if we continue to reduce our waste and achieve 'zero waste' by 2030, according to today's report by the Independent Budget Office.

In 2006 the city approved a 20-year Solid Waste Management Plan. Today, past the halfway mark, the IBO has found that although the plan assumed an increase in waste, New Yorkers actually send less waste to landfill than we did 10 years ago, eliminating the need for additional transfer stations. Still, Marine Transfer Stations remain in construction. 

It is time to stop throwing good money after bad and the city over a billion dollars for garbage dumps that appear to be more symbolic than functional.

Thank you to the Independent Budget Office for keeping an eye out for escalating costs in our waste management and continuing to provide an independent, honest evaluation of where the city is wasting tax dollars. Lawmakers must use this report to correct past mistakes and save billions."

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