Scientific Study Confirms “Healthy Happy Meals” bill by NYC Council Member Kallos Could Improve Healthfulness of Fast Food Kid’s Meals

"Scientific research confirms what we already know: 'Happy Meals' targeting children don’t measure up to the standards that we should be feeding our children. Thank you to NYU for doing the work that shows meals from Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s don’t meet nutritional guidelines for at least one nutrient in a frightening 98 percent of purchases.”
Healthy Happy Meals legislation I introduced, could improve healthfulness of fast food for kids according to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Linking incentives like toys to children’s meals with healthy options by default in my legislation would not only lead to healthier ordering but increase revenues, a win for business, parents and children.”
“This study provides scientific grounding for ‘Healthy Happy Meals’ legislation that the City Council Health Committee must hear and pass to take on obesity in order to protect public health and our children.”
See the study, press release, legislative language as well as prior coverage from CBS News and the New York Daily News.