Innovative Recycling App Launched with Guidance from GovLab and Council Member Ben Kallos

 New York, NY — On Thursday, June 18, a group of social innovators beta launched an important new App – Intellibins – to enable and facilitate effective recycling choices and behaviors by citizens in New York City. The project team behind Intellibins received important mentoring in developing and refining their project through a GovLab Academy Coaching program – "Civic Tech for Local Legislatures and Legislators" – led by New York City Council Member Benjamin Kallos, long a leader in the creative applications of civic tech to urban problems in New York. A software developer, Council Member Kallos has introduced and sponsored dozens of bills to promote transparency and technology in government. IntelliBins helps residents geolocate the nearest recycling point and will soon have option to earn rewards and check in.

The GovLab is an action-research organization focused on studying and supporting technology-enabled innovations in governance that address problems that directly touch people's lives. Consistent with this mission, the GovLab Academy provides a variety of both in-person and on-line training programs to help teams with exciting ideas for governance innovation shape and drive their projects in ways that substantially raise the odds that those ideas will actually get implemented in real communities.

As the expert Coach for the Civic Tech program in which the Intellibins team participated, Council Member Kallos provided realistic feedback at each step of the process, savvy hands-on guidance.

“Intellibins will help the environmentally conscious New Yorker waste less and recycle more,” said Council Member Ben Kallos. “I am proud to work with app-makers to help make their ideas into civic realities."

"We are thrilled when, thanks to effective mentors like Council Member Kallos and Dr. Arnaud Sahuguet, and peer support from those working on common challenges, the Academy can help good ideas blossom into new open data and civic engagement projects. Today we don't just celebrate one platform but the ability for passionate social innovators to help one another do real good in the world!" said Beth Noveck, Executive Director of the GovLab.###