54 New Pre-Kindergarten Seats Announced for Upper East Side


New York, NY – 54 four year-olds on the Upper East Side will have access to pre-kindergarten seats in their neighborhood, with 18 seats added to P.S. 183 in Council District 5 and 36 seats added to at P.S. 6 serving the Upper East Side. This follows work by Council Member Ben Kallos with schools, providers, parents and the Department of Education to a quadruple increase from 123 seats report by WNYC in 2014 to 552 seats offered for Fall 2016.

Council Member Ben Kallos’ office continues to work for me pre-kindergarten seats by:

  • Identifying parents with four year olds who wish to send their children to pre-kindergarten;
  • Identify schools and providers to willing to become pre-kindergarten locations;
  • Working with providers through the Department of Education application process to open more seats in the 5th Council District for the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island.

"We've got an additional 18 pre-kindergarten seats in my district and 54 more on the Upper East Side thanks to a strong partnership between the Department of Education, the City Council and parents. Thank you to Chancellor Farina, Deputy Chancellor Wallack, Principal Tara Napoleoni, and parents for working with my office to add 18 pre-kindergarten seats at P.S. 183 in my district and another 36 seats at P.S. 6 serving the Upper East Side," said Council Member Ben Kallos. "Universal Pre-Kindergarten provides four year-olds throughout our city with early learning they need to get a head start in life and the childcare families need. I hope that we will soon be able meet this year's need and keep work so that every parent can apply for universal pre-kindergarten next year and know they will have seat waiting in the neighborhood for their child."

“Parents on the Upper East Side are eager to take advantage of Pre-K, but have been frustrated by wait lists and a lack of choice in our neighborhood. Only 74% of families that applied are successfully matched, and that is significantly lower than the citywide average. These 54 new seats -- most of which are in my Council District -- are a significant step toward ensuring a local option for all families.   I want to express my appreciation to the Department of Education for working with me to deliver these seats for my constituents, and I look forward to continue to find additional seats to meet the needs." said Council Member Dan Garodnick

The list of locations with available in the Upper East Side and on Roosevelt Island are:

P.S 6 Lillie D. Blake School (Seats Added July 2016)
45 East 81 Street, Manhattan, NY
2016-17 Seats: 36 Full Day

P.S 183 Robert Louis Stevenson School (Seats Added July 2016)
419 East 66th Manhattan, NY
2016-2017 Seats: 18 Full Day

Roosevelt Island Day Nursery (RIDN) (Seats Added May 2016)
405 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044

4 River Road, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044
2016-17 Seats: 54 Full day
Manhattan Schoolhouse (Seats Added May 2016)
1608 First Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10028
2016-17 Seats: 36 Full day
P.S. / I.S. 217 Roosevelt Island
645 Main St, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044
2016-17 Seats: 36 Full day

Renanim Manhattan
336 East 61st St, Manhattan, NY 10065
2016-17 Seats: 14 Full day

East Side Elementary School, P.S. 267
213 East 63rd St, Manhattan, NY 10065
2016-17 Seats: 18 Full day

Ella Baker School
317 East 67th St, Manhattan, NY 10065
2016-17 Seats: 54 Full day

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
331 East 70th St, Manhattan, NY 10021
2016-17 Seats: 80 Full day

P.S. 158 Bayard Taylor
1458 York Ave, Manhattan, NY 10075
2016-17 Seats: 72 Full day

Cassidy's Place
419 East 86th St, Manhattan, NY 10028
2016-17 Seats: 18 Full day and Half Day

Eisman Day Nursery
1794 First Ave, Manhattan, NY 10128
2016-17 Seats: 39 Full day

P.S. 198 Isador E Ida Straus
1700 Third Ave, Manhattan, NY 10128
2016-17 Seats: 54 Full day

Lexington Children's Center
115 East 98th St, Manhattan, NY 10029
2016-17 Seats: 20 Full day

Apply for free pre-kindergarten now at schools.nyc.gov/prek