WFUV Advocates Protest Weakening Of Landmarks Law by Kacie Candela

Advocates Protest Weakening Of Landmarks Law
Kacie Candela
Bill 775 is supposed to streamline landmark designation. But advocates say putting a strict time limit on how long properties and historic districts can be considered would leave them vulnerable to demolition. The bill says if the Landmarks Preservation Committee doesn't act before the deadline, the building is automatically not designated, and the owner can apply for demolition permits.  
Andrew Berman is the Executive Director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.  He says sometimes there are plenty of reason not to rush the process.
"It's complicated,it's controversial, more research is needed, they're trying to bring everyone on board, build a consensus..." he said.
Council member Corey Johnson agrees. He says the Landmarks committee should be held more accountable. And, he wants to eliminate the loophole favorable to developers.
"If this is really just about deadlines, and this is not about weakening the Landmarks Law, then these are very easy changes to make" he said.
The City Council is set to vote on the bill on Tuesday.