New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Upper East Side Patch City Commits 184 Additional K-8 Seats To Upper East Side by Brenden Krisel

City Commits 184 Additional K-8 Seats To Upper East Side

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — Nearly 200 additional K-8 public school seats are being allocated to the Upper East Side as a result of a 2018 law that changed the way the city determined the need for seats, local City Councilman Ben Kallos announced Thursday.

The School Construction Authority is now planning to build 824 new K-8 seats on the Upper East Side by 2024, a spokesman for Kallos said. In last year's SCA proposed five-year master plan, the city agency allocated just 640 seats to the neighborhood. The amendment represents a gain of 184 seats for the neighborhood.

Kallos attributes the additional Upper East Side seats to a law he authored and passed in 2018 that requires the SCA to disclose the methods and formulas it uses to decide where and when to build new schools.

"When I got elected, the Upper East Side was slated for no new seats, despite overcrowding, and I thought something was wrong. With new found transparency around the planning processes, our need for seats was confirmed and now we are getting the seats we need for every child to get a world class education," Kallos said in a statement.

Last year's announcement to build 640 new K-8 seats on the Upper East Side came with am estimated cost of $92.8 million. The SCA did not reveal any changes in cost after the addition of 184 seats.

The 824 new school seats planned for the Upper East Side are not yet attached to a specific construction project or site, but are expected to be built by 2024, a spokesman for Kallos said Thursday.


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