Ny.Curbed.com Councilman Proposes Green Barriers by Zoe Rosenberg

Councilman Proposes Green Barriers
Zoe Rosenberg
  • Proposed site for a green barrier at FDR East River Drive between 76th and 77th streets.

EAST RIVER—Manhattan District Five council member Ben Kallos is proposing improvements to the East Side Esplanade between 65th and 77th streets. Kallos is proposing the transfer of some unused space in the 12-block-span to the Parks Department who could reappoint it as part of the esplanade, granting more space to one of the borough's districts with the least open space per capita. Kallos is also asking for the installation of a "green noise barrier"between the esplanade and highway to mitigate noise pollution and increase area greenery. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]