New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

New York Post Mayor de Blasio’s childcare plan is far from enough: councilmen by Susan Edelman

Mayor de Blasio’s childcare plan is far from enough: councilmen

Mayor de Blasio’s plan to provide child-care for 100,000 public-school students falls far short of the need, two City Councilmen say.

At least four times as many seats are needed to help parents grapple with the Department of Education’s patchwork plans to mix in-school and remote learning, Councilmen Ben Kallos and Brad Lander say in a letter to de Blasio obtained by The Post.

The lawmakers first proposed a child-care program two weeks ago. The mayor took up the idea, but “is doing it wrong,” Kallos said.

“More than 800,000 children from 3-K through 8th grade attend New York City’s public schools,” says the letter, also addressed to Chancellor Richard Carranza.

“If in-person learning is divided into two or three shifts (for social distancing), then approximately 400,000 – 533,000 of these students will be learning remotely at any given time.”

Kallos said, “Right now, the choice for parents is either 100 percent remote and ‘good luck with your job,’ or two or three days a week in school and still ‘good luck with your job.’

“The mayor ‘s latest plan for 100,00 kids will still leave three out of four families in the lurch — and wondering if they will win the lottery.”

The lawmakers say the city should explore obtaining additional space in 26 Catholic schools the Archdiocese of New York recently closed, as well as in shuttered libraries, community centers and businesses.”

The letter urges the mayor to “guarantee a seat for every family and student who needs one, even if that number is closer to 533,000.”

City Hall spokeswoman Jane Meyer said in response, “Our plans for the fall are built with input from public health experts, parents, and staff. We know families will need help with childcare, and we are working to identify as many options as possible across the city.”


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