Capital New York Kallos opposes cap on ride-sharing licenses by Miranda Neubauer

Capital New York
Capital New York
Kallos opposes cap on ride-sharing licenses
Miranda Neubauer

Councilman Ben Kallos of Manhattan announced on Friday that he opposes proposed legislation that would place a cap on new for-hire licenses issued to ride-sharing services such as Uber.

"Banning a technology company’s growth, before study or investigation, sends the wrong message to startups," he said in a written statement. "The City Council has an obligation to 'look before we leap,' requiring a study for review and public comment, and then taking action with full knowledge and due care. Passing a ban on growth to fix a problem at the same time as we seek to study that problem makes no sense."

He argued that "instead of issuing blanket moratoriums that limit growth and innovation, we should prioritize smart regulation." To that end, he pointed to legislation introduced last year that would regulate Uber by aiming to protect consumers from the impact of "excessive" surge pricing, require an agreement between livery bases before a base can dispatch a vehicle not affiliated with the base's owner, and establishing a universal mobile application that would allow users to electronically hail taxis and street hail livery vehicles, which he says would promote competition.