New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

PB Results for 2014

  • District-wide Priorities: Senior Centers ($250,000): $250,000 additional funds for NYC’s seniors for a total of nearly a million dollars. This includes a new security system for senior public housing home Robbins Plaza, a new accessible door for Robbins Plaza and a large grant to Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center, which serves seniors in need.
  • Bus Time: West Bound Crosstown Bus Stops ($300,000): Fifteen electronic signs will be installed along the M96, M86, M79 and M66 crosstown routes to tell riders when the next bus will arrive in real-time.
  • District-wide Priorities: Public Schools ($250,000):  $250,000 additional funds for NYC’s public schools, including more than a million dollars to fund science, technology, engineering and math education in schools, the sectors with the most promising job opportunities for young adults. The funding includes:
    • MS 114 East Side Middle School ($105,540): Purchase 128 laptops and 8 laptop carts.
    • PS 151 Yorkville Community School ($52,400): Classroom Laptops and Carts- 30 Laptops and a cart per class
    • PS 158 Bayard Taylor School ($117,627): Replace 144 ibooks in 4 carts of 36 each that are now past useful life and cannot run current software. Purchase 144 Lenovo X131E laptops (longer useful life of 6-10 years), divided into 9 carts of 16 laptops each. 
    • PS 217 The Roosevelt Island School ($225,000): Technology update to further support the STEM programs that will be incorporated into the curriculum. Need of updated Active Boards, computers, laptops, smart devices including tablets, iPads, chrome books, and document cameras.
    •  PS 290 -The Manhattan New School ($40,000): One laptop cart
    • PS 183 - Robert Louis Stevenson School ($104,305): 4 Mobile Laptop Computer Storage Carts and Mac Server
    • MS 167 – Robert Wagner School ($150,000): Science lab upgrade for 8th grade classroom
    • Manhattan International High School ($164,632 ): 30 laptop computers and cart for each of 4 teams of teachers (120 laptops and 4 carts). 
    • PS 183 Robert Louis Stevenson School ($115,349): 4 mobile carts for K-2 classrooms, 1 Macbook Pro per classroom (13 total), 1 server.

But the money set aside for participatory budgeting was not sufficient to fund the great projects that you selected in our neighborhood. Discretionary funds were allocated to other top vote-getters on the ballot, including:

  • Bus Time: M31 Downtown & Crosstown Timers ($340,000): Downtown buses to receive bus clocks.
  • Cleaner Parks: Maintenance Machine ($65,000): A “tool cat” multi-purpose vehicle to help keep parks clean through tough weather conditions.
  • A Safer Library: Replace 67th Street Library Branch Security System($40,000): The old CCTV security system updated with a full turn-key security system.
  • A Greener Stanley Isaacs & Holmes Towers: New Gardens ($150,000): Old planting throughout the residence replaced with fresh, vibrant gardens.
  • Lexington Houses: New Fridges & Stoves ($430,000): Out of date fridges and stoves for Lexington Houses residents replaced (4 buildings with 448 apartments).