February Newsletter: Trump, Pre-K Event, No Cost Mammograms and ERFA Town Hall

Dear Friend,

Over the last two weeks New Yorkers have made me even prouder to represent this City as they have come out by the tens of thousands, taking action to support everything from a woman’s right to choose to keeping our nation and City open to immigrants and refugees. To stay informed about ways to defend New York City values against the threats of the Trump Administration, sign up to get more frequent messages from me with notifications of upcoming actions (you can unsubscribe at any time).

As we make our voices heard nationally, we must reinvest in leading on the local level. In the spirit of community collaboration, it was a pleasure seeing almost two hundred residents at my State of the District event, where I highlighted much of what we have accomplished together over the past three years, and what we can achieve on the East Side and in New York in 2017.

We continue our push to bring true Universal Pre-K to the East Side and Roosevelt Island, to fight against overdevelopment, and to bring scaffolding down throughout the city. We are also taking action to support women's health, fire safety, and construction safety.

How will you get involved this month?



Ben Kallos

February 10, 11:30am
ERFA Town Hall
February 16, 2pm-4pm
Fire Safety Prevention Event 

February 16, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Pre-K Registration Event 
February 17, 10am-4:30pm
NO-COST Mammogram Van 

February 3, 8am-10am
First Friday

February 14, 6pm-7pm
Brainstorming With Ben


  1. SanctuaryNYC
  2. Holocaust Remembrance Day
  3. Muslim Ban
  4. Take Action and Resist
  5. New York Times Editorial Supports Scaffolding Reform
  6. 50 Year Agreement Reached on the Roosevelt Island Tram
  7. City Council Funding for Local Non-Profits Due February


  1. Universal Pre-Kindergarten Presentation on Registration
  2. Free State and City College
  3. Meeting with Parent Teacher Associations


  1. East River 50s Alliance Town Hall
  2. Protecting the Rent Freeze
  3. Safe Construction Jobs Act Hearing
  4. Historic Districts Council is Hiring


  1. Opening the Queensboro Oval
  2. Climate Change on SciQ
  3. Solar Energy in New York City


  1. Update: Fighting for a Select Bus Service Stop at East 72nd Street
  2. Successful Commercial Bike Safety Event
  3. Honoring the Second Avenue Subway Task Force
  4. Job Posting: Program Manager at Citi Bike


  1. The NYC Civic Innovation Fellows Program
  2. The Commons: Co-Working Space Opens on the Upper East Side


  1. Third Annual State of the District
  2. Judicial Inductions
  3. Due This Friday: Join Your Community Board
  4. Free Tax Preparation by AARP Tax Aide at Lenox Hill
  5. Supporting the Homeless, ETHOS Update
  6. 3 Kings Day at El Museo Del Barrio
  7. Judicial Inductions
  8. Rally Opposing Anti Labor Secretary Nominee
  9. Our Lady of Peace Parishioners Appeal Church Closing
  10. NYC Ballet Family Saturdays: $5 Ticket Offer
  11. NYC Urban Debate League Is Looking for Volunteer Judges
  12. In the Community


  1. Legislative Corner
  2. Free Legal Clinics
  3. Here to Help
  4. Mobile District Hours
  5. Ben in Your Building


  1. City Council Events
  2. Government Meetings
  3. Community Boards
  4. New York Police Department
  5. Neighborhood and Tenant Associations
  6. Community Events for Kids
  7. Community Events for Adults
  8. Resources Funded in Part by My Office



Religious persecution forced my grandparents to flee Europe and my wife to flee the Soviet Union, but we found sanctuary here in the United States. We are a nation of immigrants. For generations, Lady Liberty has stood in New York harbor welcoming immigrants with the words, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free….” Those immigrants have made our nation and city great. Three million New York City residents (37%) are foreign born. In December of 2016, I co-sponsored and the City Council passed a resolution affirming New York City as a sanctuary city.

As a sanctuary city, we will provide services to all residents regardless of immigration status, we will not seek immigration status, and will not disclose immigration status, to the maximum extent of the law. Children are safe to attend public schools, unaccompanied minors may dream, workers can earn a living, victims of crimes may report them, and even those who make a minor mistake are free to be a vibrant part of our city without fear of being deported. While President Trump’s Executive Order threatens to withdraw as much as $60 million in funding from the very police force that is protecting him at a cost of more than $365 million, I support New York City remaining a sanctuary city.

To show that you support our City’s protection of immigrants and refugees, sign our petition at  BenKallos.com/petition/SanctuaryNYC


Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in resolution 60/7, “Reaffirming that the Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of one third of the Jewish people, along with countless members of other minorities, will forever be a warning to all people of the dangers of hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice....” As one of many Jews whose family lost members in the Holocaust, I am disappointed by the deliberate choice of the White House to omit Jews from their Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, and then add insult to injury by refusing to admit that the very definition of Holocaust refers to “the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.” As we say “Never Again” we must fight Holocaust deniers and always remember the Holocaust and the six million Jews who were killed in concentration camps in order to prevent it from ever happening again to the Jewish people or any people.

You can support Holocaust education right here in New York City, by visiting or contributing to the Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. I am proud to provide funding from my office for free trips to the museum for any public or private school in the district, so if your child or school has not visited this year, please contact my office to schedule your trip now, so that the next generation will never forget.


Muslim Ban

We read Pastor Martin Niemöller's “First they came...” at my inauguration and again at this year's State of the District. These are not hollow words, but a commitment to speak out on behalf of others, even if we do not identify with them, lest there be no one to speak for us. At a time when families are being separated, students cannot return to school, and experts like the doctors who treat residents in the hospital corridor here on the East Side are being held solely based on their religion or nation of origin, we must speak for them.

In law school, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Fred Korematsu, an American who objected to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. After he refused to be interned, Mr. Korematsu was arrested, jailed, and then interned in a camp on American soil following a more than disappointing decision of the United States Supreme Court. Although his conviction was eventually vacated and he received the Medal of Freedom, when I met Mr. Korematsu, he could only reflect on how hard life had been as a person with a criminal record, which limited his ability to provide for his family and appreciate the comforts in life. While we remember him today as a civil rights hero, no one should have to make such a sacrifice.

Please join millions across the country in standing up for our fellow Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual identity, sexual orientation, or nation of origin.


Take Action and Resist

Since November, many have asked about how to get involved, and we have directed residents to get involved in local organizations. Since Trump's inauguration, those requests have only increased, with interest in getting involved in national issues through local action. A number of websites have launched as clearinghouses for activism:

For our part we are launching a new mailing list where you may receive emails detailing actions we are taking on a moments notice, sometimes more than one update in a day. Please join the resistance and sign up at BenKallos.com/Action


New York Times Editorial Supports Scaffolding Reform


Lawrence Downes of the The New York Times Editorial Board wrote favorably about a bill I introduced to decrease the amount of scaffolding unnecessarily covering our City’s sidewalks. Sidewalk sheds, as they are sometimes referred to, are meant to be temporary, to be up during construction or when buildings’ facades pose a danger to pedestrians. Mr. Downes points out that many times it is cheaper for bad landlords and property owners to simply leave the scaffolding up for years without making repairs, depriving residents of access to light, sky, and often even becoming hideouts for illicit activity. If my legislation is enacted into law it would force property owners to fix dangerous conditions within a total of 6 months or else the City could step in to do the work and bill them for the expenses. In January, I also met with members of Community Board 1 who expressed support for the bill. If you support this legislation, please share your scaffolding story.


50 Year Agreement Approved for Roosevelt Island Tram

After more than 20 years of operating on interim agreements, the City Council approved a 50 year franchise agreement between the City of New York and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). The agreement was approved for two 25-year terms, granting the City the authority to negotiate with RIOC to continue operating the unique aerial tramway from Tramway Plaza on Second Avenue in Manhattan over the East River onto Roosevelt Island. As the Village Voice and Roosevelt Islander blog reported “The Tram” has been managed by the State through RIOC since 1995 despite a bureaucratic quirk. The new agreement settles past issues that forced interim agreements to become the norm. Now by allowing for the continuation of advertising on the interior of the cars and stations, but prohibiting advertisements on the exteriors of the stations and tram cars, we were able to negotiate this agreement a generational agreement. It is clear now that the Roosevelt Island Tram is here to stay and after 20 years of needless bureaucracy, we’ve protected it. To find out more about this deal read the release or the articles in the Village Voice and Roosevelt Islander blog.


City Council Funding for Local Non-Profits Due February 21

Each year private non-profit corporations that serve thousands of residents of Council District 5 can apply for grants of $5,000 to $20,000 from my City Council office to supplement essential services in the neighborhood. You can review past budget results, resources funded through this process and learn more about the application at BenKallos.com/budget

The deadline this year for application is February 21. Learn more by contacting our Budget Director Sushant Harite at 212-860-1950 or Shariteatbenkallos [dot] com, or visit BenKallos.com/budget





Universal Pre-Kindergarten Presentation on Registration

On February 16 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm my office will be sponsoring a Pre-K registration event ahead of the application deadline of February 24. The event is designed for families to come in and learn about the application process. Members of the Department of Education will be on hand so if you have any questions this is your chance to ask.  

UPK Registration Information Session
P.S. 290, 311 E 82nd St.
Thursday, February 16, 5:30pm-7:30pm

All NYC families with a child born in 2013, including students with disabilities, can apply through February 24. All families who submit an application by the deadline will get an offer letter in late April 2017 and will need to accept it by early May. For general questions about Pre-K call 718 935-2009 or email ESEnrollmentatschools [dot] nyc [dot] gov. For help finding a Pre-K near you, visit maps.nyc.gov/upk/.

Since taking office in 2013 with the help of community organizers and parents, my office has successfully doubled the number of Pre-K seats at P.S./I.S. 217 on Roosevelt Island. As of 2016, the number of seats in the Upper East Side and on Roosevelt Island has quintupled from 123, as was originally reported by WNYC in 2014, to 646 as of today. If you are interested in working with our office to identify new locations in public or private schools or even retail space please email UPKatBenkallos [dot] com


Free State and City College

In January, I joined Governor Cuomo for his State of the State address. The Governor made clear that his focus for this year is middle-class families in New York State. Some of the most important proposals that were unveiled include:

  • Tuition-free college for SUNY & CUNY students whose families make less than $125,000 (Excelsior Scholarship)
  • Major upgrades at JFK international Airport to make sure it is equipped to meet 21st Century demands
  • Early voting, automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration
  • Closing the Indian Point by April 2021

Read more of Governor Cuomo’s proposals at Governor.NY.gov.


Meeting With Parent Teacher Associations

It fills me with hope when I see how much time and energy parents in my district put towards ensuring their children receive a quality education. In January, I was able to meet with members of P.S. 158’s (the Bayard School) PTA. It is my goal to meet with as many active parents as possible while I am in office. If you run or represent a PTA and would like to meet with me, please schedule an appointment by emailing ScheduleratBenKallos [dot] com




East River 50s Alliance Town Hall

The East River Fifties Alliance, State Senator Liz Krueger, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, and Council Members Dan Garodnick and I will discuss our application to rezone the Sutton Area to stop the march of Superscrapers into residential neighborhoods at a special upcoming town hall.

“Build it Right”
Special Town Hall
East River Fifties Alliance
February 10, 11:30am
400 East 56th Street

The fight against a Sutton Area superscraper is in a pivotal stage, as the new owners of the property, Gamma Real Estate, filed official construction plans with the New York City Department of Buildings. As DNAinfo reported, the developer rushed the plans in an effort to get his building “grandfathered in” under the current zoning, but the DOB rejected the incomplete plans. At the Town Hall we will discuss these developments and take questions. You may send your question in advance to infoaterfa [dot] nyc, with the subject line: “Question for Special Town Hall”; please include your name.

To join the fight against the march of superscrapers sign the petition at benkallos.com/petition/SuttonPlace


Protecting the Rent Freeze

I rallied with tenants and activists at the New York Supreme Court against the Rent Stabilization Association’s (RSA) lawsuit attempting to nullify the historic rent freezes we won the past two years for New York’s 1 million rent-stabilized households.

Thank you to the many tenants who turned out to make their voices heard, and the Rent Justice Coalition and the Urban Justice Center, with whom the Council’s Progressive Caucus is party to a lawsuit intervention to protect the rent freeze that we worked so hard together to achieve.

Join the 2017 Rent Guidelines Board fight at BenKallos.com/petition/rentrollback


Safe Construction Jobs Act Hearing

No one should die from a construction accident that could have been prevented with proper education, apprenticeship, and protections for a worker's right to say no to a dangerous situation. Construction-related fatalities are a serious problem in New York City, almost doubling in Fiscal Year 2015 to 10 from an average of 5.5 in the previous four years, while injuries have increased by more than 50% to 324 injured workers in 2015. I reintroduced the Safe Jobs Act (Intro 1432) to ensure that construction workers on any project receiving City funding receive training and graduate from State Department of Labor approved programs. The bill quickly moved to a hearing held last month by the Council’s Committee on Housing and Buildings. For more information on this bill, read the release.


Historic Districts Council is Hiring

The Historic Districts Council is hiring! The organization was recently awarded funding by Governor Cuomo and the New York State Council on the Arts to hire a paid Spanish-language fellow to work on outreach, organizing, and education efforts in bilingual communities throughout New York City!

The position is open to current undergraduates due to complete their studies in the spring as well as those who may have graduated a semester early this year. It is a paid position with full medical and dental benefits. Qualified undergraduates with an interest in architecture, historic preservation, New York history, or community organizing should apply as soon as possible. For more information visit hdc.org/featured/now-hiring-spanish-language-fellow





Opening the Queensboro Oval

For over a year I have led an effort alongside Community Board 8 Parks Committee co-chairs Evans and Price to get open the Queensboro Oval to the public. The 1¼-acre plot of land under the 59th Street Bridge is covered by a bubble for most of the year for private tennis at rates of $180 an hour. After organizing protests and launching a petition last June, Community Board 8 voted for the fourth time in January to open the space to the public. Now with support from Congress Member Maloney, Borough President Brewer, Senator Krueger, Assembly Members Quart and Seawright, Council Member Garodnick and my office, we are working with Parks Commissioner Silver to open the park. Add your name in support at BenKallos.com/petition/oval

Following the full public process, we have recently heard input from members of the Sutton East Tennis Club. No matter what use is ultimately chosen for the space, it is a public park, so any private use must go through a public bid process. We have seen significant interest in keeping it for tennis use, which is most likely to happen if the park is made public again, and the courts are made accessible to more New Yorkers. Read my full response to those concerned about the change at benkallos.com/press-release/queensboro-oval-constituent-response


Climate Change on SciQ

I had an opportunity to talk about New York City’s climate resilience alongside Chair of the New York City Council Environmental Protection Committee Costa Constantinides, in an interview for Youtube’s SciQ. As a coastal city, New York City is on the front lines of the fight against climate change. Now more than ever we must lead in climate change action to protect our City and our earth from the dangers of climate change and its deniers. Watch the interview to learn more about the issues New York City faces under the new Trump presidency.


Solar Energy in New York City

New York City’s goal of increasing its solar energy use to 100 megawatts by 2025 is a great example of how we can lead locally on national and international issues. However, the details on how exactly we plan to achieve the goal remain unclear. In January, I co-chaired a joint hearing of the Committees on Governmental Operations and Contracts where I asked the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) about their Solar Power Purchase Agreements and how they are lining up with the City’s goals. If New York City is going to increase its use of solar power, it should mean local hiring, economic growth, and good-paying jobs for New Yorkers.

Read more in DCAS’ report, “Solar 100: New York City’s Municipal Solar Strategy.”





Update: Fighting for a Select Bus Service Stop at East 72nd Street

My office continues to fight alongside the East 72nd Street Neighborhood Association, Congress Member Maloney, Senator Krueger, and Assembly Member Seawright for a select bus service stop at East 72nd Street. Here are the latest updates on this issue:

  • October 7, 2016: Our coalition sent a letter to the MTA outline our reasons for requesting the restoration of the SBS stop at 72nd Street.
  • January 4, 2017: MTA representative tells Community Board 8 that a letter had been sent rejecting the community's request.
  • January 12, 2017: Our office receives, for the first time, a letter from the MTA rejecting our request, dated January 9, 2016.
  • January 23, 2017: The East 72nd Street Neighorhood Association sent a follow up letter to the MTA, responding to their argument that low ridership at 72nd Street does not warrant a select stop.

We continue to push MTA to prove their supposed low ridership statistics by making fare box information open to the public and will continue to argue that if the M15 Bus were to stop at East 72 Street, ridership would increase. If you believe we need a stop at East 72nd Street please sign the petition at benkallos.com/petition/m15sbs


Successful Commercial Bike Safety Event

Part of our Bike Safety Program for making our streets safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike, entails training and equipment giveaways to ensure commercial cyclists on the East Side are following the law. As part of our program, the Department of Transportation hosted a forum for business owners and commercial bicyclists serving 30th to 96th street on the East Side. All of the delivery cyclists who came out received a free helmet, light, vest, and bell in order to lawfully serve the neighborhood. I was glad to see almost 100 people, including delivery workers, turn out. Thank you to Council Member Dan Garodnick for his partnership at this event. Read more about my Bike Safety program and what it has accomplished. Learn more at BenKallos.com/BikeSafety


Honoring the Second Avenue Subway Task Force

The Second Avenue Subway was more than worth it in the end, but as we all know, the prolonged construction posed many challenges for our community. At the forefront of getting these local issues solved was Community Board 8, made up mostly of volunteers who do so mainly because they love this neighborhood. Last month I had the opportunity honor Community Board 8 Second Avenue Subway Task Force members with citations from my office, recognizing their diligence and commitment to improving our neighborhood. Thank you to Community Board 8 chair Jim Clynes and Task Force chair Barry Schneider for their leadership during the years of Second Avenue Subway construction.


Job Posting: Program Manager at Citi Bike

Motivate International, the parent company of NYC's Citi Bike program, is seeking a Program Manager to expand their community engagement efforts in East Harlem and Two Bridges. The Program Manager will be developing strategies, fostering relationships, and spearheading outreach. This role requires a high level of judgment, political sensibility, decision-making, and time management. For more information and entire list of responsibilities, see the full job description.





The NYC Civic Innovation Fellows Program

I joined Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and BetaNYC for 2017’s NYC Civic Innovation Fellows preview in January. The NYC Civic Innovation Fellowship Program empowers NYC’s Community Boards to develop digital and open data practices to better serve their constituencies. The work is done by CUNY undergraduate students and aims to grow general understanding of civic technology and data analytics with the mentoring of professionals from the Manhattan Borough President's Office. At this preview we were updated on past program accomplishments and received a briefing of where the fellows are headed in 2017.  For more information on the NYC Civic Innovation Fellows Program visit beta.nyc/category/civic-innovation-fellows


The Commons: Co-Working Space Opens on the Upper East Side

There is an obvious lack of co-working space on the Upper East Side. In January, I had the chance to visit The Commons on 157 East 86th Street. The location opened in October the first co-working space in this neighborhood. I met with Nick Lerangis, the Community Manager at The Commons, who gave me a tour of the facility and explained to me how they plan to compete with other co-working spaces available in Manhattan. If you have a business in the community, I am happy to visit. Learn more about The Commons at thecommonsnyc.com




Third Annual State of the District

My third year as your Council Member was capped off by our annual State of the District event. I had the opportunity to address over two-hundred residents from every neighborhood in my district and speak to them about this past year’s many accomplishments as well as what 2017 promises for us. Thank you to Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, and State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright who all attended.  A very special thank you to the Talent Unlimited High School Choir for their great performance and to Elsbeth Reimann for her reading of “First They Came.” If you missed the event you can now watch the entire presentation or read the speech at BenKallos.com/stateofthedistrict/2017


Judicial Inductions

As a nation of laws, we rely on our Judiciary to stand up for what's right in good times and bad. But the judiciary is only as strong as its judges who are elected by the people. I was proud to speak at the inductions for two newly elected Supreme Court Justices, Robert Reed and James d'Auguste. Both justices are warm and gracious, the kind of judge you would want were you before the court. Both also demonstrate a strong commitment to mentorship and investing in the next generation. Thank you to Justice Reed and Justice d'Auguste for your service as Civil Court Judges and for what will be fourteen years of distinguished service on the New York State Supreme Court.

Due This Friday: Join Your Community Board

The Manhattan Borough President's office is currently accepting applications for Community Board memberships. Community Boards represent their neighborhoods on crucial issues including real estate development and land use, historic preservation and even liquor licenses. Serving as a volunteer Community Board member is an incredible opportunity to be on the front lines of our civic landscape.

Since I took office, I have worked on reforms to make the Community Board a productive place for you to get involved on local issues and to make them more reflective of the communities they represent. The New York Times covered a bill I cosponsored to ensure our boards accurately reflect New York City’s diverse neighborhoods even by allowing 16 and 17 year old’s to serve. If you are interested in being a leader and representative of the Upper East Side we encourage you to start attending meetings and apply at manhattanbp.nyc.gov/html/community-boards/community-boards.shtml


Free Tax Preparation by AARP Tax Aide at Lenox Hill


I am excited to announce that Lenox Hill Neighborhood House will resume hosting AARP Tax Aide in 2017. The program offers free tax preparation and is open to the public. The program runs Wednesdays from February 1st through April 12th from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in 1st floor conference room A.

Appointments are first come first serve and anyone being served should bring:

  • Social Security cards for you and all dependents
  • Photo I.D.
  • A copy of your 2014 tax return
  • All 1099 forms
  • W-2 forms from each employer
  • Unemployment compensation statements
  • All forms indicating federal income tax paid
  • Dependent care provider information
  • Receipts and/or canceled checks (for itemized deductions

For more information call 1888-227-7669 or visit aarp.org/taxaide


Supporting the Homeless, ETHOS Update

On Monday, January 23rd, the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) held its annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) count. The count is an effort to help New York City’s homeless off the streets. The count helps New York City allocate resources effectively. Volunteers canvassed parks, subways, and streets to get an estimate of the homeless population throughout the City. In January, the Eastside Taskforce for Homeless Outreach and Services (ETHOS) which consist of local houses of worship, Council Member Dan Garodnick office, State Senator Liz Krueger office, New York City Department of Homeless Services, and the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter as well as my office had a meeting to plan the work of providing support, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, food pantries, street outreach, legal services, substance abuse, medical, supportive housing and shelter services for homeless individuals in 2017. By connecting our dedicated nonprofits and religious institutions with city services, ETHOS is really making a difference. Learn more about the coalition and our members on BenKallos.com.


3 Kings Day at El Museo Del Barrio

It was an honor and an adventure to have attended the 40th Annual Three Kings Day parade celebration in early January. This year’s events commemorated the parade’s long history by recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions to New York City’s Latino community. Alongside other elected officials like Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and many others at the El Museo del Barrio, I was treated to live performances featuring local artists in celebration of the famous Three Kings Day Story.


Rally Opposing Anti Labor Secretary Nominee

I rallied with Communications Workers of America - IUE, 700 of which are on strike demanding better paying jobs. Whether it is because of outsourcing, slashing wages by 50%, or freezing pensions, which are just some of the many things their employer Momentive Performance Materials is accused of doing, these workers have rallied together in an effort to change their situation. As a former labor lawyer, I stand with them and support their right to strike for what they deserve.


Our Lady of Peace Parishioners Appeal Church Closing

Our Lady of Peace, located on prime real estate on East 62nd Street between Second and Third Avenues, was designated a landmark in 1967. Its cultural and historic significance garnered the support of many public figures and local politicians. Public Advocate Letitia James, Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, Assembly Member Rebecca A. Seawright, Council Member Dan Garodnick, and I all wrote letters to Pope Francis, Cardinal Dolan, and other Vatican officials. Community organizations such as Friends of the Upper East Side, the East 60s Neighborhood Association, and Historic Park Avenue also wrote letters of support to the Vatican. Although the Vatican declined to overturn the Archdiocese’s decision to close the church, the parishioners of Our Lady of Peace will appeal. Read more in DNAinfo.


NYC Ballet Family Saturdays: $5 Ticket Offer

The New York City Ballet presents “Story Time with NYCB,” the event is scheduled for, February 25 at 11am. The one-hour presentation is designed for families and children ages 5 and up, featuring short works and excerpts from New York City Ballet's repertory, performed by Company dancers and members of the NYCB Orchestra. Tickets are on sale for $5 (normally $22) to community groups and members of District 5 using promotional code GOVFS17 at www.nycballet.com/Educate/Public-Programs/Family-Saturdays.aspx


NYC Urban Debate League Is Looking for Volunteer Judges

The New York City Urban Debate League (UDL) is one of the largest debate leagues in the nation with tournaments nearly every weekend, I am proud to have funded them with $3,500 in discretionary funding for fiscal year 2016. Most of the work they do is made possible by volunteers just like you.  No debate experience is required, only a passion for supporting students, schools and public speaking and debate skills for our future leaders.  The Judge training sessions are the morning of each tournament.  The rest of the day is devoted to debates on current events. Breakfast and lunch are provided to our volunteer judges. With tournaments nearly every weekend debate there is plenty of opportunity to volunteer. For more information, please can contact UDL at infoatdebate [dot] nyc or by calling 917-455-1079.


In the Community

This month I was glad to ring in the new year by spending my nights and weekends with members of the community at events right here in the district. These included touring Talent Unlimited High School, meeting with the UES Mommas Facebook Group, the 17th Precinct’s Community Council Annual Holiday Party, visiting Asphalt Green, the induction ceremony of Justice James d’Auguste of the New York State Supreme Court, the Jewish Board’s Winter Reception, the induction ceremony of Justice Robert Reed of the New York State Supreme Court, the Sutton Area Community Annual Membership Meeting, the Jewish People’s Choice Awards, and Manhattan Borough President Brewer’s Teens on Community Boards event.





Legislative Corner

This month I supported two bills which became law:

Local Law 2 of 2017  sponsored by Finance Committee chair Julissa Fererras-Copeland, begins the process for the Mayor and the City Council to discuss the Fiscal Year 2018 budget. It sets the dates for the ten-year capital strategy submission, the preliminary budget, each Community Board’s budget recommendations, and the dates the Council will hold hearings on the preliminary budget. The city budget is over $80 billion dollars and decides how your tax dollars are spent. In previous years I have successfully advocated for efficiency improvements and adding more money to our reserves.

Local Law 4 of 2017 sponsored by Finance Committee chair Julissa Fererras-Copeland, reauthorizes the City’s tax lien sale program for another four years. When delinquent owners fail to pay property taxes, water bills, and other charges become tax liens that may be sold by the City to an authorized private buyer who may collect payment. Property owners are sent at least four notices before a lien is sold. If you have received such a notice and have questions, please contact my office and we will assist you.


Free Legal Clinics

Need a lawyer? Every month I sponsor legal clinics where you can get free legal advice in my District Office at 244 East 93rd Street from 3pm-6pm:

Housing Clinics, Every Monday
Family Law and Domestic Violence, 1st Tuesday
Life Planning Clinic, 3rd Wednesday
Land Use and Land marking Clinic, 2nd Thursday (5pm-6pm)

Please call my office at 212-860-1950 in advance to schedule your appointment.


Here to Help

We are here to help. My social work team can help you find out what services you are eligible for and assist you in your application. Some examples include:

  • Seniors: Medicare savings, Meals-on-Wheels, Access-A-Ride
  • Housing: searching for affordable units, free legal housing clinic at my office
  • Jobs: training resources and assistance, unemployment benefits
  • Families: Universal Pre-K, Head Start, After-School programs
  • Finances: cash assistance, tax credits, home energy assistance
  • Nutrition: WIC, free meals for all ages

Please also call us at 212-860-1950 or email at bkallosatbenkallos [dot] com with any unresolved 311 complaints.


Mobile District Hours

Get assistance wherever in the district you are when we bring our office to you. Please join us at monthly mobile district hours from 11am-2pm:


Ben in Your Building

The "Ben in Your Building Program" is a chance to discuss issues of importance to you and your neighbors in person, in your home. If you gather 10 or more friends, I will come to you. Over the past year, I have visited several buildings to discuss matters of importance in the neighborhood, including efforts to fight the Marine Transfer Station, sanitation and condo owner issues. Please schedule a "Ben in Your Building" today by calling 212-860-1950 or email scheduleratbenkallos [dot] com





City Council Events

2/3: First Friday
8:00am-10:00am, District Office, 244 East 93rd Street
Meet Ben in person and meet with your neighbors to discuss what's important to you. Feel free to drop in or leave at any time during First Friday. Learn about what is happening in your community and how to get involved in working together to make our neighborhood a better place to live. RSVP

2/10 ERFA Town Hall 
11:30am, Skytop Lounge at 400 East 56th Street
The East River Fifties Alliance (ERFA) Town Hall meeting with State Senator Liz Krueger, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Council Members Ben Kallos and Dan Garodnick to address the urgent need to keep new real estate development within contextual guidelines.

2/14: Brainstorm with Ben
6:00pm, District Office, 244 East 93rd Street
Brainstorm with Ben is a chance for residents who have a policy idea they want to pitch and help implement; the goal is to empower residents who are looking to do the research, community organizing, and advocacy needed to turn ideas into real solutions.

2/16 Fire Safety Education Event
2pm-4pm, Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 211 E 79th Street, 17th Floor.
FDNY is partnering with the Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and the Office of Council Member Ben Kallos to provide a fire safety seminar for the Senior community in the Upper East Side.The event will celebrate the rescue of James Duffy, 81, in the six-alarm fire that took place on 93rd Street in October of 2016. The Fire Safety Education team will provide a presentation about ways seniors and community members can keep themselves safe from fires.

2/16 Pre-K Registration Event
5:30pm - 730pm, P.S. 290, 311 E 82nd Street
Have questions about Registering your child for Pre-K? Join my office and the Department of Education for an info session on Universal Pre-K.

2/17 NO-COST Mammogram Van
10am -430am, 415 East 93rd Street  Stanley Isaacs Center
Join the American Italian Cancer Foundation and schedule you Free Breast Cancer Screening at a mobile site. To RSVP call 1877-628-9090

2/20: Office Closed for Federal Holiday Day 
District Office, 244 East 93rd Street


Government Meetings

These meetings are subject to change after the publication of the newsletter. Please check updated websites and notices for confirmation.


Community Board Meetings

2/1: Community Board 8 (59 to 96th Streets) Transportation Committee
6:30pm, 310 East 67th New York Blood Center

2/8: Community Board 8 (59 to 96th Streets) Land Use Meeting
6:30pm, 310 East 67th New York Blood Center

2/15: Community Board 8 (59 to 96th Streets) Full Board Meeting
6:30pm, 125 East 85th Heyman Auditorium

Community Board 8 (59 to 96th Streets) Health, Seniors and Social Services*
There is no meeting in February

2/7: Community Board 11 (96th to 145 Streets) Housing Committee
6:00pm-7:00pm, Board Office, 1664 Park Avenue

2/7: Community Board 11 (96th to 145th Streets) Public Safety & Transportation
7:00pm-8:00pm, Bonifacio Senior Center 7 E 116th Street

2/13: Community Board 11 (96th to 145th Streets) Health, Human Services & Seniors
6:00pm-7:00pm, Board Office, 1664 Park Avenue

2/8: Community Board 11 (96th to 145th Streets) Land Use, Landmarks & Planning
6:00pm-7:00pm, Bonifacio Senior Center 7 E 116th Street

2/6: Community Board 11 (96th to 145th Streets) Full Board Meeting
6:30pm-7:30pm, New York Academy of Medicine 1216 5th Ave

2/6: Community Board 6 (14th to 59th Streets)Transportation Committee
7:00pm- 8:00pm, NYU School of Dentistry, Nursing & Engineering, 433 First Avenue

2/8: Community Board 6 (14th to 59th Streets) Full Board Meeting
7:00pm-8:00pm, 301 East 17th Street, Hospital for Joint Diseases


New York Police Department

First Monday: 19th Precinct Community Council (59th to 96th Streets)
7:00pm, 153 East 67th Street

Third Thursday: 23rd Precinct Community Council (96th to 115th Streets)
6:00pm, 162 East 102th Street

Fourth Tuesday: 17th Precinct Community Council (30th to 59th Streets)
6:00pm, 225 East 51st Street


Neighborhood and Tenant Associations

2/1: Roosevelt Island Residents Association
8:00pm-10:00pm, Good Shepherd, 543 Main Street, Roosevelt Island

First Wednesday: Lexington Houses Tenant Association
6:00pm, 1536 Lexington Avenue

Second Tuesday: Stanley Isaacs Tenant Association
7:00pm, Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center, 415 East 93rd Street

Third Tuesday: Holmes Towers Tenant Association
7:00pm, Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center, 415 East 93rd Street

Third Thursday: East 79th Street Neighborhood Association
6:00pm-8:00pm, Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, 211 East 79th Street


Community Events for Kids

Every Tuesday - Saturday: Quiet Study Room
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1-5pm, Thursdays 12-5pm, Fridays and Saturdays 10-3pm, 67th Street Library
There's no talking, no cell phone, no noise at all in our quiet study room. This room is open thanks to our volunteers, and is subject to their availability. If you are interested in keeping the quiet study room open more hours, please see a staff member about becoming a volunteer! Subject to cancellation / change of hours without prior notice.

Monday- Friday: Teen Tech
3:00pm, 67th Street Library
Come to our third floor computer lab and use the computers for homework or for fun! Teens Only! Ages 12-18.

Every Monday: Stories and Crafts
4pm, 96th Street Library
Messy art projects for children ages 2-5

Every Wednesday: Preschool Stories and Films
10:30am-12pm, 96th Street Library
Read aloud and films for young children

Every Monday: Baby Storytime
11:00am, Roosevelt Island Library
Babies from birth to 18 months old and their parents/caregivers can enjoy great books, lively songs, and rhymes, and meet other babies in the neighborhood.

Every Wednesday: Toddler Storytime
10:15am-12:15pm, Roosevelt Island Library
Toddlers from 18 months to 3 years and their parents/caregivers can enjoy interactive stories, action songs, fingerplays, and spend time with other toddlers in the neighborhood.

2/3: Puzzle Fun for Kids
3:00pm,Yorkville Library
Come to the library for some puzzles and fun! This program is great for all ages.

2/4: Clone of Game Time
10:00am, 96th Street Library
Come play board and card games in the library. We have classic games and new games of all types, for children ages 2 to 12. Bring your friends and family. We have: Clue, Sorry, Candyland, Connect 4, Qwirkle, Monza, Uno, and more. Drop in at any time, games are available throughout the day.

2/6: Elephant, Piggie, And Pigeon, Oh My!: Mo Willems Storytime
4:00pm,Yorkville Library
Mo Willems is celebrating his birthday on February 11th, but we're starting the party early! Join us for stories featuring his famous characters.

2/7: Reading Aloud
4:00pm ,Webster Library
A librarian will share favorite picture books, providing children with the wonder of books, and the joy of reading.

2/7: Baby Lap Sit for Pre-Walkers
10:15am,Yorkville Library
Babies from birth to 18 months old (Pre-Walkers) and their parents/caregivers can enjoy great books, lively songs, and rhymes, and meet other babies in the neighborhood. Programs are first come, first served and limited to 15 children and their caregivers. Please note: There is no elevator available, and stroller parking is limited.First come, first served.

2/8: Beatles and Bob
4:00pm, 96th Street Library
An interactive high energy sing-a-long with songs by the Beatles and Bob Marley adapted to children. Best for children ages 3 and older. Presented by Music for Brooklyn

2/15: Writing the College Admissions Essay
4:00pm, Webster Library
Do you need to write a personal essay for a college application? At this workshop, you’ll learn how to choose a meaningful topic and write a great essay that will make you stand out from the crowd! We'll also discuss ways to overcome anxiety and writer's block. Presented by Laurel Haines. For ages 13 to 18 years old.

2/17 American Museum of Natural History's Summer Programs for High School Students!
10:30 - 11:30am,79th St at Central Park West New York, NY 10024
The Saltz program is an internship program for High School students that provide them with an opportunity to impact thousands of visitors to the American Museum of Natural History. Interns learn a variety of sciences (Geology, Anthropology, Biology, Astronomy/Astrophysics, Paleontology) as well as communication and science teaching skills to inspire and encourage visitors to explore the numerous scientific fields presented in the exhibitions at the museum. New York City high school students who are 15-18 years old are eligible to apply. Applicants must live or attend school within the five boroughs of New York City. Summer program schedule, training dates and more information can be found online at www.amnh.org/saltz
APPLICATION DEADLINE:  5pm, Sunday, March 12th


Community Events for Adults

Every Thursday: Techconnect Computer Lab
12pm, Computer Lab, 96th Street Library
Tech volunteers assist you with almost any computer topic you want to learn.   Topics include computer basics, Microsoft Word, online shopping, email, ect.  Space is limited and sign-up is required. (212)-289-0908 for RSVP

Every Tuesday: Bilingual Birdies: French
11:30am, 67th Street Library
Teachers play guitar and sing with the children as they learn new vocabulary through music, movement, and puppetry! Bilingual Birdies will be exploring themes including Farm Animals, Jungle Animals, Colors, and Transportation this winter. They provide instruments and props for the children to use as well as a free CD download of their original music for all parents and librarians to keep the learning going throughout the week. Ages newborn to 6 years old.

Every Friday: AARP Tax Aide:
10am-2pm, 67th Street Library
AARP volunteers, who are certified by the IRS, prepare all returns.  There is no cost to you for preparation and no cost to you for electronic filing (e-file).

Every Saturday: English Conversation Group
11:00am, 67th Street Library
Talk with native speakers and other language learners about current events, New York City, family life, holidays, and much more. For adults 16 years old or older. This program is provided in partnership with New York Cares, a leading volunteer organization that helps people find easy ways to make meaningful, rewarding contributions to their communities. Led by New York Cares volunteers, this program provides an opportunity for intermediate level ESOL speakers to practice speaking English.

2/2: Women’s Writing Group
4:30pm, 67th street Library
Hannelore Hahn, who directed the International Women’s Guild for 37 years, hosts a monthly informal women’s writing & discussion group.

2/2: Knitting and Crochet
11:30am, Roosevelt Island Library
Knitting and Crochet

2/2: Spa Time
4:00pm , Roosevelt Island Library
Need an afternoon to pamper yourself? Want to make a gift for someone special? Learn how to make your own bath salts, lip balms, shower scrubs and more in this scent-ual workshop. All materials will be provided. Presented by Jailin Acevedo. For ages 13 to 18 years old.

2/2: Film- Smilin’ Through (1932)
2:00pm, 96th Street Library
Free admission and film showing of Smilin’ Through

2/3: Start Your New York with Meditation
3:00pm, 67th street Library
In this busy, fast -paced world, peace seems like an elusive commodity. Join Renate Lanotte, MS LCSW Psychotherapist and long-time meditator, for this powerful workshop. There will be a meditation sitting during the program and she will explain helpful and stimulating techniques that can help one discover inner peace. Start the New Year by elevating your vibrational frequencies and bring joy, peace and relaxation into your lives. For new or advanced meditators.

2/3: We Are New York (WANY) English Conversation Groups: Roosevelt Island Library - February 2017
10:30am, Roosevelt Island Library
We Are New York is an Emmy Award-winning half hour TV show created to help people practice English. Each story is about everyday situations, like going to the doctor or talking to your child's teacher. The characters speak slowly and clearly. Intermediate Level English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) learners will have the opportunity to learn English by watching We Are New York videos. Come to the library and meet other people who are practicing English, just like you.First come, first served.

2/4: 19th Century Tea Tasting
1:30pm, 421 East 61st Street
Come enjoy afternoon tea and historic treats.  Learn about 19th century etiquette and design.

2/6: Mystery Mondays: Book discussion featuring stories of suspense, secrets, and lies
4:00pm, 67th street Library
February 6, 2017: A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley March 6, 2017: Lost Girls by Robert Kolker April 3, 2017: The Girls by Emma Cline May 1, 2017: The Trespasser by Tana French

2/7: Adult Coloring
12:00pm, Roosevelt Island Library
Coloring for Adults

2/7: Science Fiction Book Discussion; The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne
6:30pm,Roosevelt Island Library
The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

2/9: Film - TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (1951)
2:00pm, 96th Street Library
Free admission and free showing of Tomorrow Is Another Day

2/14: Intermediate Excel
12:00pm, 67th street Library
This class continues to build on Excel for Beginners to give students a solid foundation in Excel. Topics include: Absolute vs Relative Cell References, Errors, Freeze Panes, Conditional Formatting, Printing Spreadsheets, Filter, Sort, Remove Duplicates, and Autofill Skills Required: Be able to use a mouse and keyboard Open files and folders Enter Data Select and format cells Write a basic formula and function Copy and Paste

2/16: Film - THE HARVEY GIRLS (1946)
2:00pm, 96th Street Library
Free admission and free showing of The Harvey Girls

2/18: Author Visit & Book Talk: Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky
3:00pm, 67th street Library
Join author Jordanna Max Brodsky as she reads an excerpt from her newest book, Winter of the Gods.

2/18: Music- Verdi’s Rigoletto recital by New York Opera Forum
1:00pm, 96th Street Library
New York Opera Forum performs the complete opera of Rigoletto, in a live musical recital performed in concert with piano accompaniment.  Free admission!

2/19: Washington’s Birthday Ball
1:00pm-3:00pm, 421 East 61st Stree
Come celebrate the birthday of our first president.  Costumed Dancers will perform and teach traditional country dances, and a museum scavenger hunt.  Historic refreshments are included!

2/21: Excel Genius Class 1 : Logic Functions
12:00pm, 67th street Library
Excel Genius is a new set of classes aimed at students who have taken the Beginner and Intermediate Excel courses, or who have good fundamental knowledge of Excel, and who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the world’s most popular spreadsheet application. Each class will cover a topic in depth and then give students exercises that apply that knowledge to real world situations. First come, first served.

2/23: Film - THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (1952)
2:00pm, 96th Street Library
Free admission and free showing of The Bad and the Beautiful

2/27: New York Therapy Dogs R.E.A.D.
3:30pm, 67th street Library
Come read to a therapy dog! These licensed therapy dogs and their owners can't wait for you to come read them a story. Enjoy one-on-one, no-pressure reading time with a furry friend! For ages 5-12. Pre-registration required for each 20 minute slot.

2/28: Excel Genius Class 2 : Charts and Sparklines
12:00pm, 67th street Library
Excel Genius is a new set of classes aimed at students who have taken the Beginner and Intermediate Excel courses, or who have good fundamental knowledge of Excel, and who would like to gain a deeper understanding of the world’s most popular spreadsheet application. Each class will cover a topic in depth and then give students exercises that apply that knowledge to real world situations. First come first served.

Every Friday: Computers for Seniors
10:30am-11:30am, Roosevelt Island Library
Come in for free computer help

2/9: RoboTakeover
3:00pm, Roosevelt Island Library
RoboTakeover is a hands-on, robotics workshop series for kids! Over the course of this 4 - session program, kids will learn the basics of circuits, conductivity, motor-operation and robot building. We will discuss robots in real life and the different kinds of machines that make our world tick. Workshop series is FREE. Space is capped at 15 children, so please register in advance at the library.

2/16: Book Discussion Group; ALEXANDER HAMILTON by Ron Chernow
6:30pm, Roosevelt Island Library
The Group will discuss ALEXANDER HAMILTON by Ron Chernow.

2/27: Kid Flicks
4:00pm, Yorkville Library
Join us in our community room for our children's film showing. Watch short films based on popular picture books. The perfect way to meet up with friends and end a busy day. All films subject to last minute substitutions. Showing: Winnie The Pooh & A Day for Eeyore and Happy Birthday Moon

2/21: Detective Novel Discussion; SACRIFICE by ANDREW VACHSS
6:30pm, Roosevelt Island Library

2/23: Movie Night; THEM!
6:00pm, Roosevelt Island Library
Film screening of THEM!

Every Monday:  AARP Free Tax Help
3:00pm-4:00pm, Webster Library
AARP volunteers who are certified by the IRS will prepare both Federal and state returns for people of all ages.  

Every Wednesday: Learn To Play Chess For Adults
2:00pm ,Webster Library
Learn to play the most popular game ever: A game of strategy and problem solving. Whether you are beginner or a more advanced player you can learn the strategies that will make you a better chess player. Best part of all CHESS IS FUN!

Every Wednesday: Read to Chucky, Our New York Therapy Dog!
4:00pm, Yorkville Library
Come read to our therapy dog Chucky! These licensed therapy dogs and their owners can't wait for you to come read them a story. Enjoy one-on-one, no-pressure reading time with a furry friend! Pre-registration is required for each 15-minute slot and opens 1 week in advance. For ages 5 and up.

Every Thursday: Picture Book Story Time
4:00pm, Yorkville Library
Come meet your friends at the library and listen to some of your favorite picture books. It's a great way to end a busy day. Ages 3 and older.

Every Saturday: Kids' Coloring Club
10:00am, Yorkville Library
Join us every Saturday morning from 10am-12pm for our Kids' Coloring Club -- children of all ages are invited to color coloring sheets featuring their favorite characters, seasonal designs, and more. Feel free to bring your favorite coloring book!

Every Saturday: Read to Fritz, our New York Therapy Dog
11:00am, Yorkville Library
Come read to our therapy dog Fritz! These licensed therapy dogs and their owners can't wait for you to come read them a story. Enjoy one-on-one, no-pressure reading time with a furry friend! Pre-registration is required for each 15-minute slot and opens 1 week in advance. For ages 5 and up. Available every Saturday in the children's story time room.

2/2: Songs That Count!
4:00pm,,Yorkville Library
Do your kids like to count? Do your kids like to read books? Do your kids like to make hip-hop beats? Turtle Dance Music engages Pre-K and Kindergarten students with a 45-minute counting, music and movement program. Students will be immersed in hands-on music, movement and counting activities. The performers will engage students with exciting books and visuals about counting and addition. At the end of the performance we will create an original song about some of our favorite things that we count.

2/4: Manhattan Sirovich Chinese Chorus & Dancing Group
2:00pm, Lenox HIll Neighborhood House Auditorium

2/7: Adult One-on-One Computer Help Workshop
11:00am,Yorkville Library
Work one-on-one with a volunteer tutor. Improve Internet skills, create, and use e-mail, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point). Tuesday 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Pre-registration required in person or by phone at 212.744.5824.

2/9: Google Series Gmail
2:00pm,Yorkville Library
This class covers the fundamentals of how Gmail works, including sending, replying to, and forwarding messages and attachments. Basic internet skills are required for participation. This class is limited to 5 participants on a first come, first served basis.

2/10: Valentine’s Craft Time
3:00pm, Meeting Room, Yorkville Library
Make your Valentine’s Day Crafts with us!

2/11: How to Build Resilience During Times of Change and Transition
2:00pm,Yorkville Library
In this fun and highly interactive workshop, speaker, trainer, and certified professional coach, Barbara Phillips, will share practical strategies that will help you more effectively navigate change in your life!

2/11: Volunteer Gardening
9:30am-12:30pm, East 86th Street and East End
Join neighbors and friends and pitch in!

2/13: Preschool STEAM: Transportation
4:00pm,Yorkville Library
Join us for Preschool STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math! In this series, we will explore different areas of STEAM through read-alouds, group demonstrations, and hands-on activities. This month's theme is patterns! For children ages 3-6 and their caregivers. Registration required; limited to 12 children. Please register in person or by calling 212-744-5824.

2/16: eBook Help
2:00pm,Yorkville Library
Get one-on-one help downloading library books and audio books via our SimplyE, 3M and OverDrive platforms. Please bring your phone, tablet or e-Reading device. Registration is required. Please sign up personally at Yorkville Library or call 212-744-5824. Limit: 4 patrons, 15 minute session per person

2/18: Don’t be Fooled by Fake News
11:00am,Yorkville Library
Come learn about the thing everyone is talking about-Fake News! In this class, you will learn what fake news is, how to analyze news sources for credibility, and practice looking over sample articles to determine their validity. Skills/Prerequisites: Basic internet skills

2/18: Time Management: Practical Strategies that Can Change Your Life
2:00pm,Yorkville Library
Want to reduce stress, accomplish more in less time and enjoy greater freedom to do the things you love? Do you want a greater feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment in your daily life? You are not alone! Speaker, trainer, and certified professional coach, Barbara Phillips, will share practical strategies that have the power to change your life!

2/22: Poof! Life in a Vacuum
4:00pm, Yorkville Library
In our newest program, students learn just how important the earth’s atmosphere is and why astronauts need to wear those big, heavy space suits. Using a bell jar and vacuum pump, Museum educators will mimic the vacuum of space, right in your own school, library or community center. Your students will first predict, then discover what happens to various objects when they are exposed to a vacuum and then make the extension to how the human body would react to the vacuum of space.

2/23: Resume Renovation: Get Your Resume Working for You!
3:00pm, Yorkville Library
In this special lecture format from author and career coach John Crant, you’’ll learn to how to increase the value of the items on your resume, and how to make the cuts necessary, to be seen as a stand-out during your job search.

2/25: The NEW Retirement: Finding Purpose in Your "Third Act"
11:00am, Yorkville Library

Are you retired? About to retire? Thinking about retiring? Welcome to LOVE the “NEW” Retirement! Baby boomers are healthier and living longer than previous generations. We are pioneers in the search for a meaningful and purposeful “third act”. Come join speaker, trainer, and certified professional coach, Barbara Phillips, to clarify (or re-clarify) what is most important to you at this stage of life AND learn from other retirees.

2/27:Yorkville Writing Circle
5:30pm, Yorkville Library
Need a quiet space to write? Want to meet other writers in the neighborhood? Come join our writing circle at Yorkville! All writing styles, levels, and genres are welcomed. Participants will free write in our quiet Community Room and have the opportunity to discuss their work with other participants. No sign-ups required.

Every Thursday: Free Exercise Classes
10am-11am, Church of the Holy Trinity, 341 East 86th Street
Bone and muscle strengthening exercises using the Alexander Technique

Every Saturday: Chair Yoga
11:00am-12:00pm, St. Joseph’s Church, 404 East 87th Street
Improve your strength and flexibility while seated in a chair

Every Tuesday: Fresh Food Box
3:30pm-6:00pm, Center at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
Purchase high quality, farm fresh produce at below retail prices/  For only $12, please sign up at www.grownyc.org/foodbox

Every Wednesday: Free Tax Prep
Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
AARP is partnering with Lenox Hill Neighborhood House to offer free tax preparation for low and middle income people of all ages!  Assistance is offered on a first come, first served basis.


Resources Funded in Part by My Office
Each year my office provides discretionary funding to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that serve residents of Council District 5. We have curated a list of resources funded in part by my office so that you can take advantage of them for free.

Add your non-profit's resources to this list by emailing budgetatbenkallos [dot] com.