Participatory Budgeting Ballot

Participatory Budgeting Ballot admin Thu, 03/14/2019 - 4:50pm

$220,000 – Mechanical Cleaner and Plow for Bike Lanes
$90,000 – Composting for Roosevelt Island
$800,000 – Playground Renovation for Lexington Houses
$500,000 – Laptops & STEM for Public Schools
$550,000 – Video Camera and Security System for P.S. 151
$285,000 – NYPD Security Cameras
$225,000 – Trees with Guards
$100,000 – All Gender Bathroom for P.S. 77/198
$500,000 – Ruppert Park Renovation
$186,000 – Fire Battalion Vehicle

Projects on the Ballot (2016)

Projects on the Ballot (2016) admin Fri, 03/07/2014 - 11:15am

2016 Voter Guide


Lexington Houses Security Upgrade
Purchase and install layered security system to ensure residents’ safety in light of growing issues and incidents and the rise in neighborhood homeless population, which has caused security problems.
East Lexington Avenue between 98-99 Streets


Lexington Houses East & West Playground

Provide safety-compliant resurfacing and equipment for two community playgrounds, serving a large mix of resident families, with features that appeal to children from 6 months to 15 years old.
E. 98 St. between 3rd & Lex/ Lex & Park Aves.


Parks Greening

Install new and improve existing plantings – trees, shrubs, flowers and grass - around perimeters and entrances of John Jay Park.
John Jay Park


STEM Green Roof for P.S./I.S. 217

Finalize funding to build a STEM Green Roof atop P.S. /I.S. 217. Transform 6,750 square feet of unused P.S./I.S. 217 school roof into an outdoor learning hub for science, math, nutrition and the arts.
645 Main Street, Roosevelt Island

Library Modernization for Eleanor Roosevelt H.S.
Create flexible learning space with access to computers, listening center, digital and print media, separate quiet and group spaces. Currently cannot support number of students and technology needs.
411 East 76th Street

Renovate Auditorium for Eleanor Roosevelt H.S.
Extend stage and replace seating and flooring to improve view, increase capacity, and support gym activities. Replace antiquated control board, install acoustical panels and simplify lighting system.
411 East 76th Street

Rooftop Greenhouse at P.S. 290
Construction of a greenhouse as part of the green
roof project at PS290. The 800sf greenhouse will
provide opportunities to enhance the school’s
STEAM curricula & create desperately needed
play space.
311 East 82nd Street

P.S. 290 Bathrooms
Replace toilets and sinks with age-appropriate fixtures and fittings. Remove unused urinals in boys bathrooms.
311 East 82nd Street

Computer Carts for 10 Schools
32 computers per cart for: P.S. 77, P.S. 198, P.S.
290, P.S./I.S. 217, M. 225, Eleanor Roosevelt,
Urban Academy, Vanguard, Manhattan
International, and Life Sciences, serving over
5000 students.
NYC Schools (District wide)

HVAC for P.S.198 and P.S.77
Installing a split level air-conditioning system for the auditorium and cafeteria at P.S.198 and P.S.77.
1700 3rd Avenue (Upper East Side)

Sound System at Julia Richman JREC Auditorium
This project will address the acoustical needs of the auditorium and update the sound system to correct the reverberation and an inability to hear and understand speakers.
317 East 67th Street (Upper East Side)


Center at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Entrance
Automatic doors for the Center at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House to enable ease of access and egress for senior center members, Robbins Plaza senior residents, visitors and staff.
343 E 70 St, between 1st and 2nd Avenues


Webster Library HVAC Improvements
Upgrade or replacement of air-conditioning system. This library is a designated NYC cooling center.
1465 York Avenue (Upper East Side)

67th Street Library HVAC Improvements
Replacement or upgrade of the boiler to provide
adequate heat.
328 East 67th Street (Upper East Side)

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Projects on the Ballot (2018)

Projects on the Ballot (2018) Josh Jamieson Wed, 03/01/2017 - 12:19pm

Decide how to spend one million of your tax dollars in your neighborhood.

Vote for up to 5 projects.

Arts, Culture & Community 

1. NYPL District Libraries Technology Upgrade 
 E. 67th St, Webster & Roosevelt Island($200,000)
New computers, printers, self-checkout kiosks, phone systems, network equipment and free high-speed WiFi. 

2. NYPL Webster Branch Electrical System
1465 York Ave ($500,000)
Upgrades to the library branch's electrical system. 

3. NYPL Webster Branch HVAC System  
1465 York Ave ($600,000)
Designated as an OEM Cooling Center, this will provide a safe environment for patrons during periods of extreme heat.


4. Laptops for Public Schools
Districtwide ($350,000)
Purchasing laptop carts for ten District 5 public schools.

5. PS 183 HVAC for Cafeteria and Community Space
 419 E. 66th St  ($600,000)
The cafeteria is used by school and community organizations year-round. HVAC would limit excessive heat in warmer months.

6. PS 290 MNS Re-construct Kindergarten Bathroom 311 E. 82nd St ($200,000)
 Re-construct K bathroom to have age appropriate height stalls and sinks to improve sanitary and safety conditions.

7. PS/IS 217 Cafeteria Renovations
 645 Main St, Roosevelt Island ($300,000)
Re-tiling cafeteria floors and fixing cracks.

Parks & Recreation

8. Lexington Houses NYCHA Playground Renovation
Lexington Ave. between E. 98th & 99th St ($500,000)
New play and safety equipment for a playground.

9. Ruppert Park New Children's Play Area
1741 2nd Ave  ($500,000)
 Expansion of the children's play area in Ruppert Park.

10. St. Catherine's Park Water Park
 1245 1st Ave ($460,000)
Replace the existing fountains with new plumbing, interactive spray heads and sports coating for kids to play in water.

Public Safety 

11. NYPD Security Cameras for East 86th Street Subways
East 86th Street Subways ($141,000)
East 86th Street Subway stop entroances and surrounding area would have added security of NYPD cameras.

☐ 12. NYPD Security Cameras for East River Esplanade
East River Esplanade ($160,000)
Connect Rockefeller University & Hospital for Special Surgery security cameras facing Esplanade to NYPD security system. 

☐ 13.  NYPD Security Cameras at Sutton Place Parks
Sutton Place at 54, 55, 56, 57 58th St ($247,000) 
Cameras will cover the parks to make the space more secure and to reduce crime and address quality of life concerns

Download the sample ballot as PDF


Projects on the Ballot (2019)

Projects on the Ballot (2019) Josh Jamieson Wed, 03/01/2017 - 12:19pm

Decide how to spend one million of your tax dollars in your neighborhood.

Vote for up to 5 projects.



1. P.S. 527 Security Cameras

323 East 91st St($300,000)

Install additional security cameras in P.S. 527

2. JREC Auditorium Renovation

317 East 67th St($750,000)

Auditorium renovation in the Julia Richman Education Complex

3. Laptops for 10 Public Schools

Districtwide ($350,000)

Purchase laptop carts for ten public schools in the council district


Parks & Recreation

4.  New Trees and Guards for Sidewalks

Districtwide ($222,000)

Plant 60 new trees with guards on sidewalks throughout district

5. R.I. Lighthouse Restoration for Public Access

900 Main St.($800,000)

Restore the Roosevelt Island lighthouse to allow for public access

6. Fund Parks Districtwide

Districtwide ($250,000)

Fund capital improvements in parks in the district

7. Lexington Houses NYCHA Playground Renovations

Lexington Avenue at East 98th Street($800,000)

Lexington Houses NYCHA Playground Renovation


Public Safety

8. East 79th Street Curb Extension

East 79th Street at York and First Ave.($300,000)

Build curb extensions to enhance pedestrian safety and visibility along the East 79th Street SBS corridor

9. NYPD Public Safety Security Cameras

Districtwide ($170,457)

Install additional NYPD camera boxes at high traffic intersections

10.NYPD Security Cameras for Parks.  

Parks Districtwide ($397,733)

Install NYPD security cameras at the entrances to 7 parks across the district

11.NYPD Mobile Command Post  

162 East 102nd Street($400,000)

Purchase small sprinter Command Post vehicle for 23rd precinct