Livable Streets

Livable Streets

In my first year in office I launched a “Livable Streets” initiative for a neighborhood where residents can walk, bike, drive or take public transportation safely. A series of tragic traffic collisions in our neighborhood have reinforced the importance of Vision Zero, a city proposal, whose launch I participated in, to eliminate traffic fatalities — because no one should die from a preventable accident.

I've asked 60,000 families in my district to identify dangerous intersections and street-scape improvements and using this feedback from the community I've released our first two reports on Livable Streets: Part I: Dangerous Intersections (PDF) and Part II: Street Improvements (PDF) as covered in the Daily News.

Part I: Dangerous Intersections (PDF)
Part II: Street Improvements (PDF)

Following the report, the DOT and NYPD also released a Vision Zero Borough Pedestrian Safety Plan for Manhattan. They included included priority corridors on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ave as well as intersections from my report: Lexington Avenue and East 86th Street, 2nd Avenue and East 79th Street, East 75th Street and 1st Avenue, East 62nd Street and 1st Avenue, 3rd Avenue and 57th Street, and 2nd Avenue and East 53rd Street.

Please report dangerous intersections and corners to my office, so we can pass them along to the relevant agencies. Please also report bus stops that need a shelter, sidewalks where you would like to see benches or bike racks, corners that should be wheelchair and walker accessible, potholes to fix, and any other concerns you have — so we can all have livable streets. Please call or email our office with as much detail as possible or fill out the form below.

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